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‘Westy Without Hate Week’ Begins Monday


Students at Westminster High School will spend a lot of time next week focusing on how to build upon a school environment that celebrates diversity and tolerance. Already known as a very inclusive school, organizers say there is always a need for awareness

“We want this week to have a meaningful impact on students, not something they just take in and then move along,” said junior Makala Silver, one of the organizers. “We have a great school, but we still need to spread awareness.”

The national “Day without Hate” is scheduled for April 24, but students chose to devote an entire week to the issue to coincide with the theater production of RENT which focuses on many of the same themes. Students can purchase a Westy Without Hate Week bracelet to show their support for the effort.

Every day of the week has a special event or activity that students and staff are asked to celebrate.

Wear: Blue/white
Theme: Bullying
Chalk art project, school decoration

Wear: Rainbow colors/Tie-dye
Theme: LGBT
Faculty night preview of RENT, bullying video

Wear: Red
Theme: Aids awareness and support
Opening night of RENT, students who bring a can of food will get $2 dollar discount on ticket.

Wear: Pajamas for students who purchased a WWOHATE bracelet
Theme: Homelessness
Pajamas remind everyone that some people have no place to sleep, homeless awareness programs

Wear: WHS clothing with peace insignia
Theme: Peace
Candlelight vigil prior to start of RENT, Urban Peak homeless residents invited to show

Posted March 12, 2015
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