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Hawkins My name is Derek Hawkins and this is my 20th year teaching Literacy, most of them of in WPS. My son is a graduate of Westy and my 4 year old daughter loves visiting the school, in the hopes that she can see the wolf 
Being an English teacher, I spend a rewarding amount of time reading anything I can get my hands on, as well as listening to music constantly. Some favorites include Steely Dan, Afrobeat, electronica, Miles Davis, Slayer, Sinatra and everything in between.
I have been inspired by my girlfriend’s profession (immigration lawyer) to do everything in my power to help families stay together in this country, in these turbulent times we live in.
My goal at this point is to teach 40 years and then hang them up, but time will tell…






My name is Laura Mekelburg, I was raised on a dairy farm in Eastern Colorado, married my college sweetheart (33 years now), have
three children and three grand daughters.  Received my BS in English from Metro in 2012.  I enjoy reading self-help books, water and sunshine, giggles, dancing, hot yoga and lifting weights. 

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