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Creative Arts Pipeline

  • Westminster Public Schools has established a Creative Arts Pipeline to attract students to the arts by identifying, growing and presenting their artistic talents in a high-quality learning environment, kindergarten through graduation. We are deliberate, inclusive and broad-based in the visual and performing arts program throughout the district enabling students to find their passions and voices in the arts as they grow through their formative years.

    The motto for WPS is Where Education is Personal.  For students in the arts, CAP brings this motto to life. It means we provide broad-based, artistic programming for all students and specialized opportunities when students discover interests and aptitudes for deepening their artistic education. Additionally, we will purposefully connect content curricula with the arts to reinforce learning and build transferrable skills for living beyond the school setting.

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  • Justin Davis, Ph.D.

    Creative Arts Coordinator
    P: 720-542-5426  

    Lora Davidek

    Creative Arts Event Manager
    P: 720-542-5434

    Daniel Davidek

    WPS Theatre Manager
    P: 720-542-5434  

    Joanna Ramsey

    Creative Arts Pipeline Consultant