Westminster Public Schools Social Emotional Learning
  • Welcome to WPS Division of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Student Agency!

    What is Social Emotional Learning in WPS?

    Social and emotional learning (SEL) in WPS is the process through which children learn to be:

    • Self Managers (understand and manage emotions, persevere through challenges, practice self-awareness, develop and strengthen executive functioning skills)
    • Effective Participators (develop relationships, social awareness, perspective taking and communication skills)
    • Team Workers (empathize with others, develop collaboration and leadership skills)
    • Reflective Learners (make resonsible decisions, set and achieve goals, develop problem solving skills)
    • Future Minded (identify self strengths and plan for the future)

    We are committed to modeling and developing these Habits of a Successful Personalized Learner!  

    What is Student Agency in WPS?

    In a learner centered classroom, students are partners in the teaching-learning cycle.  Student agency is the empowerment of students to own their learning through:  

    • Choice and Voice
    • Motivation and Engagement
    • Goal setting and progress monitoring 
    • Autonomy
    • Strength-based Decisions


  • Melisa Sandoval  

    Melisa Sandoval

    Support Director
    Social Emotional Learning, & Student Agency