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Title I 

Title I, Part A, provides resources to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education, resulting in their attainment of high academic standards. Title I targets resources to districts and schools whose needs are the greatest. The Title I program is the largest federal program supporting both elementary and secondary education, and allocates its resources based upon the poverty rates of students enrolled in schools and districts. Essentially, Title I focuses on: 1) promoting school wide reform in high poverty schools, 2) ensuring students’ access to scientifically based instructional strategies and challenging academic content, and 3) engaging parents in the learning process with their children.

The goal of Title I is to help every child get a high quality education through programs and instructional supports they need to be successful in school. Title I resources are directed toward students who need them most.

 Title I helps students, teachers and parents. The program can help:

· Children to improve their skills and do better in school.

· Teachers to support the learning needs and educational concerns of students and parents.

· Parents to understand their child and get more involved in the child’s education.

 How does Title I work?

The process involves federal, state and local governments working together to fund district literacy and math instruction and resources.

 The Title I School works to:

·         Identify students most in need of educational help (students do not have to meet income standards to qualify)

·         Set goals for improvement

·         Measure student progress using standards set forth in the state’s Title I plan

·         Develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction

·         Involve parents in all aspects of the program.

 A “parental involvement policy” at each Title I school helps parents to understand and take part in the school’s efforts.

Ways That Westminster Public Schools Use Title I Funds

The Title I funding provides:

·         More teachers and assistants (instructional staff)

·         More training for school staff (Professional Development)

·         Extra time for instruction (extended-time programs, such as before/after school programs, summer school)

·         A variety of teaching methods and materials  (support for scientifically-based programs and strategies)

·         Smaller classes

·         Parent engagement opportunities in the school

Although the amount of Title I funds a school and district may receive is based on poverty rates, the students that benefit from the program(s) are not necessarily just students of poverty. Rather, Title I programs address the needs of a school’s lowest performing students and those students assessed to be at risk for not meeting state academic standards.

 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) brings greater accountability to Title I states, districts, and schools for improving academic achievement of all students and low-performing schools.  These and other changes to the Title I program will require all stakeholders in school communities to work together to help close achievement gaps and ensure that all students in Colorado can meet the state’s high academic standards by 2014-2015.

 Title I serves children through one of two types of programs:

1.      School wide Title I programs serve all students in a school.  They can be developed at schools in which 50 percent of the children meet certain income guidelines.

2.      Targeted assistance programs help to ensure that eligible children receive instructional assistance to meet performance standards.  Strategies may include extra instructional time in reading or math, or may include extended-day or extended-year programs.

 All Westminster Public Schools Title I schools are school wide programs. The school’s Title I program improvement plan is revised each year by administrators, teachers, and parents.  A school improvement plan (Unified Improvement Plan) is written annually to include instructional intervention strategies, related professional development for staff, and resource spending to enhance instruction.  Parents are highly encouraged to join in on the process.

 Other Continuing Aspects of Title I include:

·         Convening and use of committees of practitioners to implement, monitor, and adjust instructional effectiveness

·         Title I programs that either meet the requirements of a school wide program or targeted assistance program

·         State assistance to schools and districts to work toward instructional improvements to increase student achievement


 Title I programs in Westminster Public Schools offer special features at Title I elementary schools and middle schools.  Some of those features include more teachers and instructional assistants; more training for school staff; extra time for instruction; a variety of teaching methods and materials; small classes during literacy and/or math; greater parent involvement and many others.

 Supplement, Not Supplant: The supplement, not supplant provision means that federal funds must be used only to provide additional services, staff, programs or materials that could not be provided by the State or local educational agency absent of the federal funds. In other words, federal funds cannot be used to pay for things that would otherwise be paid for with State and/or local funds.


 2016-2017 Title I Schools:

Title I Elementary Schools:

Title I Middle Schools:

F.M Day Elementary

Iver C. Ranum Middle School

Fairview Elementary

Scott Carpenter Middle School

Flynn Elementary


Harris Park Elementary


Hodgkins Elementary


Mesa Elementary


Metz Elementary


Sherrelwood Elementary


Skyline Vista Elementary


Sunset Ridge Elementary


Tennyson Knolls Elementary


Westminster Academy for International Studies


No Child Left Behind School Improvement Requirements

According to NCLB statute, if a school fails to make Average Yearly Progress (AYP) for two or more consecutive years and is identified for school improvement for two or more years, the school must offer both Public School Choice (Choice) and Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to eligible students.

 Title I Public School Choice (PSC)

According to NCLB statute, if a Title I school fails to make Average Yearly Progress (AYP) two or more consecutive years and is identified for needed school improvement status (School Improvement or Priority Improvement), all students within those schools must be offered the choice to transfer to a designated higher performing Westminster Public Schools school that is not on any level of needed improvement.  In addition, with Title I Choice, Westminster Public Schools Title I must provide transportation for the student to the new school.  Notice for Public School Choice is mailed to parents and is subject to respecting privacy laws.

For more details please visit the CHOICE website


 Title I Supplemental Educational Services 

Supplementary Educational Services Eligibility (NEW ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT)

Students eligible to receive SES tutoring are students who attend Title I schools identified needing “priority improvement”, qualifying for academic intervention due to low performance on state and district assessments, not free or reduced lunch status. These students, selected by the school's interventionist team, are identified as requiring supplemental instructional time by state-approved providers.  Letters of eligibility and a registration form from the Office of Title I will be mailed to homes of specifically selected students to receive this cost-free tutoring opportunity.  Services will be provided after school hours or as arranged with the provider at school, a community location, in-home, or online, depending on the provider’s program. 

A school selection committee process involving parents and staff will choose a minimum of three service providers to do tutoring.  Please contact your school to be informed as to which providers will be serving the school, program information, and schedules.  Eligible students will receive applications by mail.

 For more details please visit the SES website


Parent Involvement Policy  

Belief Statement

Westminster Public Schools Board of Education, Staff and Parents recognize that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family.  In support of the school district goal to educate all students in a competency based educational system effectively, the schools and parents must work as knowledgeable partners.  Research supports the fact that active parent involvement improves student academic and social achievement. 

Although parents are diverse in culture, language, and needs, they must share the school’s commitment to the educational success of their children.  Westminster Public Schools and the schools, in collaboration with parents, shall establish a partnership to establish programs and practices that reflect the specific needs of students and their families. 

In keeping with these beliefs, Westminster Public Schools supports and encourages collaborative participation and decision-making for student learning by:

- Involving parents in determining the vision for the school and monitoring progress toward this vision.

- Sharing and exchanging information on instructional goals, Learning Targets, and teaching strategies that can be used at home to provide continuity between home and school.

 - Fostering communication between the parent and school, use targets and addressing the personal/social skills needed to be a 21ing Educate and the wiki, regarding student progress toward attaining Learning Targets for the 21st Century citizen.

- Providing timely information to parents and students and increase transparency regarding academic attainment and achievement.

- Valuing and promoting family and staff partnerships in which all participants plan, design and implement (when appropriate) various educational policies and programs (e.g. literacy, ELA, preschool and math).

- Conducting an annual evaluation to measure the effectiveness of family partnerships, school communications, parent involvement activities and parent policy.

- Guiding parents/guardians to make informed decisions about the enrollment options.

District Parent Involvement Compact and Policy (English)



 Department Contacts: 

Linda Kister
Title I Director
(720) 542-5077 
Deborah Escobar
Title I Administrative Assistant
(720) 542-5008


Last Modified on August 18, 2016
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