girl playing basketball for westminster high school

High School Athletics

  • High school athletic programs offered in Westminster Public Schools include:

        • Baseball
        • Basketball
        • Football
        • Cheerleading
        • Cross Country
        • Volleyball
        • Soccer
        • Softball
        • Swimming
        • Track
        • Wrestling

    Programs are divided into two parts:

    • Sub-varsity athletic programs are focused toward the development of skills necessary for participation at the varsity level of competition. Student-athletes earn the privilege to make the sub-varsity team. The coach of any sub-varsity program will emphasize areas of needed development for possible participation at the varsity level. Sub-varsity levels are C-Team and Junior Varsity (JV).
    • Varsity programs are the most competitive of district athletics programs. The student-athlete earns the privilege to be placed on the team based upon skill and conduct. It is the coach’s responsibility to field the most competitive team available, therefore starting positions and athlete playing time remains at the discretion of the respective coach. Athletes can earn an athletic letter if earned enough Varsity qualified time.  

    Athletics is often measured by the result on the scoreboard or rating sheet. However we need not be defined by it. We are every bit as committed to pursuing excellence daily in all of our programs, but never at the sacrifice of a student, our mission or our values that we seek to instill in every student that participates in our programs. This in no way guarantees that we will satisfy the wants and desires of every student or parent. What we can promise is that if everyone involved is “aiming at the same target,” and views participation from an education-based framework, we are much more likely to have success, retain students in our programs, and derive the full benefits possible for everyone involved. We all must be committed!