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Parent Involvement Opportunities

  • Each Title I school are asking parents to become involved in the activities at school. Ways families can get involved include: 

    • Participating as partners in the decisions that affect children and families by serving on school committees and advisory councils.
    • Sharing strategies for promoting and supporting the education of your child at home and at school.
    • Help with Title I involvement and community programs at your school.
    • Attend parenting workshops, trainings and learning activities.
    • Be present at conferences and stay in the know through the school newsletter.
    • Volunteer and visit classrooms frequently.
    • Collaborate with the community partners to provide resources that are used to strengthen your school, family and student learning.
    • Attend district visits and activities.


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  • Methods of Communicating with Parents

    All information related to school and parent programs, meetings and other activities is sent to parents in English and Spanish by the school. Communications and information are shared with parents on the following topics:

    • At the beginning of each school year the district will prepare a report for parents of all children attending school, showing how the school performed on PARCC compared to the state and whether the district has been identified for school improvement. The report can be accessed on your school's website.

    • A copy of the Parent Involvement Policy will be distributed to all parents at their home school.

    • Parent meetings are scheduled near the beginning of the year to discuss the Title I Program, as well as other services available to help students improve achievement.

    • Parent and school compacts will be sent home to all families.

    • Workshops, in-services, speakers, and programs may be provided to help meet the needs of parents, promoting an open-door policy for parents and/or families to visit the school, the Title I program, as well as other programs outlined in this policy.

    • Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled regularly throughout the year to discuss the needs and progress of each individual student.

    The above information is available on the school's website, or can be shared in the following ways:

    • Phone

    • Email

    • Text

    • Facebook

    • At school activities (sports, concerts, assemblies, etc.)

    If you are not receiving this information from your school, please reach out to your school's main office.

  • School Title I Parent Involvement Policy

    Each school receiving Title I funds has a Title I Parent Involvement Policy that was jointly developed and distributed to parents of students participating in the Title I program. The policy was agreed upon by the parents in accordance with the requirements of federal law and is updated on a regular basis.

    The policy contains a school-parent compact or agreement that outlines how parents, school staff, and students will share the responsibility of improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help students.

Last Modified on November 22, 2019