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    Prepare for College & Earn FREE College Credit in High School!

    Many free programs can help out students earn college credit and gain hands-on work experience while still in high school, ultimately saving them time and money no matter what their plans are after graduation. 

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  • Access Opportunity

    The Access Opportunity Scholarship offers one-on-one college counseling, test prep, and leadership workshops to students while in high school. Students will receive a $10,000 scholarship after graduation over four years of college, including workshops and individualized help with career development, including internships, while in high school. High school 10th graders are eligible to apply each spring. Learn more about the ACCESS Opportunity program online at, or stop by the Future Center!

  • Advanced Placement (AP)

    Study at the college level and earn FREE college credit, based on a passing exam score. Students in 10th to 12th grades are eligible to apply. Learn more about AP options online here.


    After completing high school, students may stay enrolled for a fifth year. During this year, they can attend community college classes tuition-free and possibly complete an associate’s degree! Students must complete 12 college credits by the end of their senior year and demonstrate college-level academic readiness. Learn more about the ASCENT program online here.

  • AVID

    Boosts students’ chances of going to college by developing their critical-thinking, math and literacy skills. Students who are close to, but not yet meeting college-acceptance requirements, are eligible to apply. Learn more about the AVID program at Westminster High School online here.

  • Concurrent Enrollment

    Students can enroll in a local community college while in high school, and earn both high school and college credit tuition-free. Classes are offered at the high school or the college, and students who have good attendance and demonstrate college-level academic readiness are eligible to enroll. Learn more about concurrent enrollment options for our students online here.

  • CU Pre-Collegiate Program

    Students can eevelop the skills to successfully graduate from high school, enroll in college and graduate! Through workshops and field trips, our students get hands-on learning opportunities and can earn FREE college credit. Students who are the first in their families to go to college and who are at grade-level in core classes are eligible to apply. Learn more about the CU Pre-Collegiate Program online at

  • CU Succeed

    Students can earn up to eight credits from the University of Colorado by taking CU Succeeds courses at Westminster High School. Learn more about offerings with CU Succeed online here.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

    IB offers college-preparatory classes to students, as well as the opportunity to earn college credit within an internationally-recognized curriculum. Many courses are two years in length, and must be started during junior year. Learn more about the IB program online here.

  • Upward Bound

    A college-preparation program that helps students succeed in high school, then get accepted and graduate from college. Students who are the first in their families to go to college, or who are a part of a lower-income family, are eligible to apply. Learn more about the program online at

  • Apprenticeships

    Earn and learn! Students, get PAID on-the-job experience in your career pathway and complete an associate’s degree or professional certification. Students can also complete high school and college coursework, and receive hands-on training with the oversight of a skilled professional. Sophomores who are at or above grade level, and who are willing to make a three-year commitment, are encouraged to apply. Learn more about apprenticeships and options online here.

  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) Internships

    Build real-world knowledge and skills in your career pathway! Students can earn college credit while still in high school, and obtain industry-specific credentials or certificates that boost their chances of finding a great job. These CTE pathways are offered as high school electives classes. Learn more at

  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

    PLTW is a sequence of courses in either biomedical sciences or engineering. A proven, real-world, problem-solving approach defines this unique curriculum. Students can earn college credit while in high school. These courses are open to all high school students. Learn more at