instructors speaking to parents and families


  • PASS is based on the nationally recognized 30-year Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) program from California. PASS parent graduates are strongly encouraged to inspire other parents by becoming PASS recruiters and facilitators for future programs.

    While executing this program is very detailed, the results for parents (and their students) are palpable!  Parents expressed deep gratitude for this program and realized how their direct involvement better prepares their children for success in college and beyond.  

    “We have discovered the importance of being involved as parents in our student’s studies and development in school, in supporting them in their plans, respecting their decisions about higher education, even when they may not know what they want to study.” ~ Iris Almaráz, PASS Graduate and PASS Recruiter 



    PASS Coordinator: Claudia Glascock


    Nationally, PIQE has graduated 660,000 parents, in 15 states, which has positively impacted over 2 million of their students in their quest to pursue higher education.


    Locally, PASS has been offered in 5 middle, high, and elementary schools graduating over 350 parents and positively impacting over 700 of their students in their quest to pursue higher education.


    This year PASS supported parents at Harris Park Elementary School and will be starting at Mesa Elementary School in the Spring!