Dress for Success!

  • Success and leadership start with how we are dressed. At John E. Flynn a Marzano Academy, our uniform policy gives all of our students their best chance at being safe and successful.

    Most professions as adults require a uniform or dress code. Sports teams, policemen, firemen, health professionals, lawyers, even clerks dress to accomplish their jobs. Uniforms identify members as a team or to reflect well on themselves, their employer/firm, and the public. Our Marzano student leaders dress as the leaders they are!


    Shades of blue, black, gray or white plain, button up shirt (polo or full button). Students may wear plain blue, black, gray or white sweaters or hoodies over shirts. Shirts must be tucked in if they are longer than pants pockets; otherwise, belts and tucking in are not required.

    examples of three different shirts


    Khaki, black or navy blue pants (docker style or carpenter okay), shorts or skirts/skorts. Girls may wear plain black, navy blue, white or tan leggings under skirts, dresses, or shorts only. No leggings or tights may be worn as pants. Shorts and skirts/skorts must be an appropriate length. Sweats and paja­ma pants are not part of the uniform.

    examples of pants, skorts or shorts


    Tennis shoes are required for participation in P.E. and are recommended for any outside activity. Shoes should be appropriate for the season such as boots in the winter .. Shoes must be closed toe, no flip-flops or sandals are allowed.


    Items can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Burlington Coat Factory, second-hand stores, thrift stores and most discount and department stores. Many great deals can also be found online.  The Flynn store is now selling apparel for students with the Flynn Falcon logo.  You can view the online store here.