• General Classroom Information

    Field Trips   
    ·         I will notify parents in advance with a letter home as well as update on my website when we go on field trips.
    ·          Anyone who would like to chaperone is welcome, please make sure you are cleared as a volunteer through the main office.  
    Holiday Parties
    ·        I will send home letters with students regarding holiday parties so please look for those. 
    Toys from Home
    ·        Absolutely no toys from home are allowed in the classroom.
    Thursday Folders
    ·        Important information and updates are sent home in Thursday folders. 
    ·        Thursday folders are to be returned on Friday empty. 
    ·         Please come to me with any concerns or worries as soon as they surface so that we can solve them quickly. I appreciate when parents communicate with me, we are working as a team to educate your child.  
    Parent Teacher Conferences
    ·         I will send home a sheet with dates and times for parent teacher conferences.
    ·         It is a long day for our preschool students and I will reserve a reading/snack time. 
    ·         Please try to send something healthy and peanut/treenut free such as fruit, veggies, granola bars or anything that your child might enjoy that is easily and quickly consumed. 
    ·         Please do NOT send candy, chips or messy items
    Water Bottles/Beverages
    ·        Water is the only beverage allowed in the classroom during the day. 
    ·        I encourage students to bring water bottles to school to keep with them. 


     Due to the fact that we have an extended school day and school year we have decided that it is in the best interest of our students to not assign homework. However, we highly encourage that they are reading or being read to at least 10 minutes a day.  There are also things that you can do at home to support your child’s learning such as building something (model, Legos,) having rich conversations, watching discovery or animal planet, allowing your child to count money when you are purchasing something, having them help you in the kitchen and any academic games on a tablet or computer. We want learning to be fun and hands on, please come see me if you have any questions about this

    The Expectations BOTS    (Our school mascot is a STEMBOT)

    *          B-Behavior

    *          O- Ownership

    *          T-Teamwork

    *          S- Safety


    Classroom Behavior System

    Students have a sticker chart and can earn stickers with postive behavior. Once the chart is complete, the student will earn a reward. 




    Students who meet and exceed expectations are rewarded for their positive behavior. When students show excellent behavior I may send home a positive note, give out a prize or recognize their outstanding behavior in front of the class. Students who have positive behavior in the classroom could also be given leadership roles and jobs or have lunch with their teacher.