Welcome to AVID Binders! This page will help you be a more organized and successful student here at Shaw Heights Middle School

Organized Binder
  • AVID binders are used by ALL students here at shaw heights. These binders help students become more organized and also help students become more successful learners. All binders should have the following:

    • 2-3" binder
    • Pencil Pouch with pencils, pens and highlighters
    • School Agenda or planner
    • Dividers that a labeled for EVERY class
    • extra paper
    • "Homework" section
    • "Take Home" or "File at home" section
    • Current work (old work should be filed at home)
    • Pass the binder "shake test"


    Please feel free to watch the following video for instructions on how to set up you binder.