• Wondering what your student is currently working on in their Future Plan? Check back here for monthly updates!

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    During October and November, middle and high school planning lessons will include:

    • 6th graders will be discovering their learning styles.
    • 7th graders will be editing their career personality reflections.
    • 8th graders are preparing for November's Career Expo by looking at the different Career Clusters and how those relate to their career interests.
    • 9th graders will be completing a Work Values quiz in order to idenitfy important characteristics in their future job settings!
    • 10th graders will be receiving a visit from WHS counselors starting in November (ending in January).  Students will be learning about options for education and training after high school and will be completing a "My Life after High School" Project!
    • 11th graders are being invited to a Junior Interview meeting. The Junior Interview is an opportunity for students to meet with their counselor to make sure they are on track for graduation and to talk about their future career plans.  If you would like to attend with your student, please contact your student's counselor!  
    • 12th graders will begin Empower activities on interviewing, updating resumes, and applying for jobs.  Seniors should also continue to come to the Future Center to receive intensive support to apply for jobs, college, apprenticeships, FAFSA, scholarships and more! 

    Families, have conversations with your child about their future dreams and plans. If you have any questions about your student's Future Plan work for this month, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Future Center


    Course Planning and Registration Begins!

    Over the next couple of months, all 8th-11th grade students in WPS will receive the opportunity to create or review their four-year course plan!  At WPS, students create a plan for their entire high school career (with A LOT of help from counselors!) so that they can meet graduation requirements and plan for their participation in courses and programs.  The four-year plan is created in 8th grade (or later for new students to WPS) – it is then updated every year in February/March so that students can make changes!

    Starting this January, current 8th grade students will meet with a Future Center Counselor and will be provided information about high school levels and advice regarding how to pick classes.  Future Center and WHS Counselors will then visit all 8th grade students during the month of February to review their choices and provide 1:1 guidance about courses based on their career and college goals!

    Current 9th-11th grade students will receive a list of available courses for next year during the week of January 22nd and will have two weeks to make changes to their course plan.  Counselors will also be available to review course selections and to provide guidance about career and college pathways!


    Students: Why are we asking you to create a plan for all four years of high school?

    First, it’s important to know the requirements for graduation and to make sure you are planning for how to meet those requirements.  You definitely don’t want to find out senior year that you are short on your credits! 

    Second, we have so many amazing classes and programs at WHS!  In order to be able to take advantage, it is important to know if there are pre-requisites that you need to complete.  By creating a plan, you are making sure that you are meeting those requirements. 

    Third, while its important to make sure you are meeting graduation requirements, we also want to make sure you are planning for AFTER graduation.  The classes you take in high school are important for you to be able to pursue the career and education you will need.  Those classes will also give you experience to find out what you like and don’t like!

    It may seem strange that we are asking students to start to pick classes, not just for next year, but all four years of high school.  However, we strongly feel that this plan gives students the best chance to take advantage of opportunities and prepare for their future goals!

    Please make sure you share this information with your family!