Join the Award-Winning Westminster High School Performing Arts!
  • Thank you for your interest in our programs and school! If you would like to apply for our programs, please contact the director of your desired program(s) listed below to set-up a meeting time. If you have prior experience in your field, the director may ask for you to showcase your skill during the meeting.


    Upon successful meeting with the appropriate WHS Performing Arts Department director, prospective students will need to formally register in the Westminster Public Schools. The link for registration can be found here: 

  • Program Directors


    Romaine Anderson

    Director of Piano and Guitar


    Erin Breitenbach

    Director of Theatrical/Event Staging


    Kathryn Donaldson

    Director of Theatre and Stagecraft


    Hannah Judson

    Director of Choirs


    Megan Lewin

    Director of Bands


    Michael Linert

    Director of Orchestras and Mariachi