• Prices, Prepayments, and Refunds/Transfers

  • Meal Prices


    2019-2020 SY


    $0.00   Breakfast PreK-12th (Free, Reduced & Paid)

    $1.95   Breakfast Adult



    $0.00   Lunch PreK-5th (Free, Reduced & Paid)

    $0.00   Lunch 6th-8th (Free, Reduced)

    $2.50   Lunch 6th-8th (Paid)

    $0.00   Lunch 9th-12th (Free, Reduced)

    $2.75   Lunch 9th-12th (Paid)

    $3.50   Lunch Adult (does not include a drink)





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  • Meal Payments


    There are three ways to pay for meals. 

    1. Online using www.MySchoolBucks.com

    This user-friendly service is convenient, private and secure. Once the account is open, parents can check the fund account at anytime.

    To create an account you'll need a valid email address and your child's student ID which can be obtained from your kitchen manager, school office, or your Infinite Campus. At MySchoolBucks you may set low balance auto notifications and auto replenishment payments. Culinary Services highly encourages using these account management options to make sure students always have funds available for purchases.


    2. Check

    Make checks payable to “WPS/Culinary Services”.  The check can be brought to the student’s school cafeteria for deposit on student’s account. Please add the student name and ID number to the check memo line.


    3. Cash

    Cash may be brought to the student’s school cafeteria for deposit on student’s account.



  • Transfer and Refund Requests


    To request a transfer of funds between accounts, or to request a refund, please fill out the following electronic form:

    Click here>> Refund & Transfer Request Form


    **Allow 4-6 weeks for transfers and refunds to be completed**

  • Red apple with Free and reduced lunch app text

  • TEXT: MySchoolBucks

  • Refund and transfer request form

  • This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Last Modified on November 13, 2019