Hello families,

    What a great couple of months of school we have had so far this year!  Our learners have already had so many amazing experiences, which have included field trips, arts performances, spirit weeks, a school dance, a whole school assembly and after-school clubs.  We work really hard to ensure that students have a variety of experiences here at the Met that go beyond just the classroom learning.  This even includes being in “housing” structures that allow older students to mentor and work with our younger students.  It has been wonderful to watch our students step into leadership roles with other students and with district visitors who complete monthly walkthroughs.  Our walkthroughs give us great feedback about how we can continue to improve to best serve your students.

    Our teachers have been spending their early dismissal Mondays in professional development meetings and collaborating with other teachers across the district.  We would like to thank everyone who participated in supporting our staff with our first operation Starbucks.  Our team really does work hard for your students.  Presently, our staff is preparing for upcoming conferences by making sure Empower is updated and they are ready to share your child’s progress with you.

    We have also completed several safety drills with students including: fire, tornado, secure (Lockout) and Lock down.  Practicing for emergency situations helps students to know what to do should something emergent happen.  We always try to follow up with a robo call when these are completed so you can discuss these with your children that evening.

    Thank you to our families who attended our first two PTA meetings. Watch our school's Facebook and website for upcoming events and meetings.




    Claudette Trujillo

    Principal, Metropolitan Arts Academy