• Hello families,

       We are thrilled you are joining us next year at the Metropolitan Arts Academy.  This fall, we will be opening a one-of-a-kind competency-based arts school.  We believe that every child is successful in a model of personalized learning.  Our school will integrate the arts into math, science, literacy and social studies.  We will also be offering dance, instrumental and vocal music, visual and graphic arts and drama during the school day.  We are starting with preschool through 6th grade but will add 7th and 8th grade the following two years.

       It is an exciting time for our school and our school community.  We have hired our staff and are currently enrolling our students.

       If you have been accepted to attend Metropolitan Arts Academy in the fall you will be receiving a welcome packet in the mail by the end of June. In this packet you will find important information about upcoming dates, uniforms, our mission and vision and other information relevant to our new school.  Our school will be closed from May 28th-August 1st.  However, updated information can be found by visiting our school website and Facebook.  Both can be found to our district website at https://www.westminsterpublicschools.org.  

    We are so excited for our learners and can hardly wait for the fall.



    Claudette Trujillo

    Principal, Metropolitan Arts Academy