Hello Metropolitan Arts Academy,

    We have been building an awesome school community for our first year!  Our students meet every morning as a school community where they have a mindfulness moment, an arts activity or presentation and we do the pledge of allegiance together.  Our classes are connected in “houses”, this allows our older students to have a greeting and connection time with our younger students.  Thank you for a great start to our year together.

    Attendance is directly related to student academic success.  As a part of our school application process, all parents signed an application acknowledging our 8 day absence policy for the entire year.  This means at 4 days of absence, students will receive an attendance letter stating they are half way through to allowed missed days.  Absences are excused solely by the Principal.  We do require doctor’s notes for students who are absent due to illness, in order for the absence to be documented as excused.  We appreciate early notification of a student’s absence. Each absence is referred to administration for approval each day.

    On the 6th day of absence, a parent meeting and attendance contract will be put into place.  Continued absences could result in the student no longer being able to attend our school as a result of violating the enrollment agreement.

    As a future artist/performer, it is important that our students learn how important it is to be present, be ready and be a part of our community.

    Our school offers full time dance, drama, art, instrumental music and vocal music.  Our students have been doing an outstanding job diving into what is new learning for many of them.  We hired outstanding teachers for these classes and are already hearing very positive feedback from our students and their families.  We encourage you to like and follow us on Facebook to be a part of all we are creating in the arts world.




    Claudette Trujillo


    Metropolitan Arts Academy


    Principal Claudette Trujillo