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Safety & Security Enhancements in WPS

  • Westminster Public Schools takes advantage of the many opportunities to enhance school safety, security, climate and culture through our design features. In designing our campus security measures, we realize we are not a courthouse, airport, or corporate building and we strive to find the right balance of control while ensuring our campuses are welcoming and inviting for students, staff, and community. We want a school community that is aware and prepared, not scared.

  • Electronic Access Control

    In 2010, WPS started a program to provide a secure entrance and video supervision of all main entrances with electronic controlled access. We began installing camera systems with two-way communication at schools and within two years completed that process.

    We now have secured main entrances that can be monitored by office staff. Staff have the ability to communicate with visitors prior to electronically unlocking the main entrance allowing access to the building. Currently, we have seven schools with secured vestibules with main office access or welcome windows for staff to great our guests. We are planning to complete our eighth building in the summer of 2017.

  • Video Surveillance

    Also in 2010, WPS started designing video surveillance systems for buildings, with secondary schools being a priority. We plan to install video systems throughout the district over multiple years through funding from our Capital Reserve Budget. We currently have camera systems in seven schools and are planning two more schools in the summer of 2017.

  • Visitor Management System

    WPS has a visitor management process at all schools with one electronic software system in place at this time. All buildings track daily visitors knowing who is in the buildings at all times.

  • Fire Alarms & Intercoms

    Throughout WPS we have up-to-date fire alarm monitoring systems that have a self-diagnostic process that is managed the Auxiliary Services (Maintenance) team. In the past three years, all building fire alarm systems have been updated and inspected by qualified staff. As an ongoing plan, we are adding voice notification systems to our buildings with two schools complete and adding a third building in the summer of 2017.

    Also over the past few years, WPS has invested in updating our building intercom systems with the most current technology. Intercoms are a first response notification system that allows all staff members and students access in case of an emergency.

  • Landscaping

    As an ongoing process, our sites are inspected and work planned accordingly to ensure landscaping around our schools provides an esthetically pleasing appearance with security in mind. In selecting trees, shrubs, and other plants our goal is to provide an open and clear visual line of site to all access points at our buildings and to reduce the opportunities for individuals to hide.

  • Playground Inspections

    Throughout WPS, playground inspections are completed monthly to ensure all equipment is safe for daily use. All necessary repairs are completed by district personnel as issues are identified. Playground inspections are completed by state certified employees.