School Fees

  • 2019-20 Ranum Middle School Fees: 

    $40 Technology Use Charge 

    Purpose - Upgrading, maintaining and the growth of technology within the schools.  All students in some way use technology and the cost associated with that has become more than the district can maintain on its own.  This charge is not waived at all. 


    $50.00 Instructional Materials Charge  

    Purpose – To assist with the cost of consumable supplies (science labs, math manipulates, independent reading libraries, music, instruments, physical education equipment, subscriptions, and other material costs).   


    Misc. Fees:  $15 P.E. Uniform (if your student has P.E.) $10 Student Planner, $5 Locker, $5 Student ID (to offset the cost of producing the ID) 

    These charges are not waived. 


    Early Payment Discount for the 2019-2020 school year 

    Each student will be eligible for a $20 discount if All fees due current and past are paid by October 1st of the school year.