Temporary Administrative Placement Program (TAP)

  • Temporary Administrative Placement

    The TAP program provides a safe and structured environment that will encourage and maximize the academic and behavioral potential for students referred or placed on Step 2 of a Remedial Discipline Plan (RDP). TAP will enroll students into the PACE or ATE programs based on individual needs and family goals. TAP will teach students self-discipline and give them the social-emotional skills they need to return back to their school.

Promoting Academics Character Education (PACE)

  • Promoting Academics Character Education PACE is a 15-day academic success and character education program that engages students with a comprehensive curriculum focusing on social and emotional intelligence. PACE utilizes a small group and 1:1 support for each student and follow-up support in the student’s school.

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Alternative to Expulsion (ATE)

  • Alternative To Expulsion

    Alternative to Expulsion is a six-week half-day middle school program that engages students with a resilience-based education curriculum called “WHY TRY.” Why Try provides simple, hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, truancy reduction, and increased academic success.


  • TAP

    Julian Proctor

    • TAP Program Manager         
    • 720-542-5271
    • Email


    Evie Benger

    • Intervention Specialist         
    • 720-542-5259
    • Email

    Ari Vela

    • Intervention Specialist
    • 720-542-5259
    • Email


    Julie Coronado-Loya

    • TAP Case Manager           
    • 720-542-5297
    • Email

    Pete Rodriguez

    • TAP Case Manager
    • 720-542-5272
    • Email



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