• Senior Yearbook Information!

    Your final year of high school is special, and the yearbook offers tons of content catered to the senior class. This is the year you get to have a nice photo of yourself taken to be printed in the yearbook. You also get to select a senior quote to be included with your photo. Additionally parents and family members can choose to surprise you on distribution day by paying to have a page section, or even an entire page devoted to honoring you. Below are all the details of the senior special offerings you can take advantage of…

    A: Buy Your Yearbook Early: $70 until 10/21 -  2022 yearbooks are on sale and can be purchased at the accounting window or here at this website: JostensYearbooks.com

    B: Senior Pictures: Due by October 21th

    Must be a high resolution vertical headshot [jpeg], which ensures your picture looks professional when printed. Photos will not be published that are inappropriate or against school policies, so be thoughtful about your choices for submission. Remember one day you will look back on this as an older person – present yourself proudly and appropriately. No selfies or filters please. You will upload only 1 image selection to the link below, by October 21th

    Jesus Silva is a recent graduate of Westy who also happens to be a stellar photographer. He is offering discounted yearbook portrait sessions. He will likely meet you at the  location of your choosing, and provide copies of the images to keep. You can reach him at jsilvaruiz115@gmail.com.

    Monty Nuss Photography is a fancy image company that offers a FREE yearbook photo sitting that they send directly to us [a copy will not be provided to you]. Call them at 303.798.8229. 

    Have a friend that owns a nice camera? Ask them to go with you to a pretty location and have them give you a little photo shoot. Please keep lighting and background in mind. Be sure the subject is well-lit and the light source is behind the camera. Wear colors and choose locations that stand out rather than wash out the subject.

    Pay a photography company of your choice for a yearbook session that you can use to purchase packages of pictures to be shared and used with your graduation announcements, invites, and more. 


    C: Senior Quotes: Due October 21th

    You can submit a quote [no more than 25 words in length] to be printed under your senior photo. As expected, please make sure it is school appropriate and reflective of your senior year or high school career. Your quote will be emailed to westy.unleashed@gmail.com.

    D: Baby Recognition Ads: Due October 21th

    Talk to your parents/guardians about taking out a baby dedicated ad. They have many options to include baby pictures of you and a note of encouragement before you graduate.Have them look at layout options and prices at the following website: www.theyearbookcompany.com. 

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Kelly: kkelly@mywps.org