About the Westminster K-12 Virtual Academy

  • A message from our coordinator:

    Developed with input from members of the Westminster Public Schools staff and community.

    Students who are typically independent learners, good at time management, and able to advocate for themselves are ideal candidates for the Westminster K-12 Virtual Academy.

    This programming option focuses on promoting growth for students who have demonstrated previous academic success (in online or traditional settings) and provides targeted and personalized support for all students, including those who may have struggled in the past.

    Delivery of Instruction:  Classes will be delivered in an online platform with synchronous and asynchronous (both live and recorded) coursework to support student learning and provide a hands-on, real-world learning opportunity by a certified teacher.   

    • Families who choose the virtual option will be full-time online. A student’s home school will remain the student’s school of record, and all coursework will be recorded in Empower, our WPS Learning Management System.  
    • Students will be enrolled in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Visual Art. Elementary students can expect 1-2 hours of daily work in the core content areas. Middle-level students can expect 2-3 hours of daily work in the core content areas.  High School students can expect 3-4 hours of daily work in the core content areas.  

    Class activities: 
    Computer-based learning activities will include, but not be limited to, age-appropriate instruction such as attending class time, collaborating with classmates, reading, playing games, listening to audio clips, and watching videos. Hands-on activities may include completing handwritten worksheets, engaging in projects, and performing experiments.  

    Parents/Guardians Expectations:  Parents/Guardians are an integral part of online learning. Although each course is led by a certified teacher who provides regular online instruction, elementary, middle, and high school-aged students need additional guidance and support from their parents/guardians. Parents/Guardians will be expected to monitor students daily, maintain the student’s weekly progress, ensure the student’s content mastery, and help the student with course navigation.
    Technology Requirements: Students must have access to reliable, high-speed internet at home. Low-cost options will be provided as needed.  A Chromebook, charger and case will be provided by WVA and assigned to each student enrolled.
    What about special populations?  The online program will have a small team of specialists consisting of a mental health professional, an IEP/504/ALP/ELS specialist, and an interventionist. There will be scheduled weekly opportunities as well as additional support for students to ensure success. 

    What about my 2021 Diploma?  While students may be taking online classes, they are still enrolled in Westminster Public Schools and will receive their diploma from Westminster Public Schools.   


    Synchronous Learning

    • Learning that takes place in real-time. This might look like students completing daily learning tasks at a specific time where student schedules are “in sync” and at the same pace. Other examples include virtual conferences where the whole class can log on and learn together.

    Asynchronous Learning

    • Learning that takes place without real-time interaction. This would look like students having a week to complete 1-3 lessons, but within that week students are progressing at their own pace.

    Combining Synchronous and Asynchronous Approaches

    • Teachers will utilize both types of learning structures. For example, a teacher might hold a virtual class meeting – giving the option for real-time interaction. Teachers can record the meeting so other students who were not able to attend could watch at a later time.

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