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    Thank you to those of you that filled out our questionnaire about the possibility of adding 12 days of classroom instruction at the end of our regular school year to help make up for lost learning opportunities because of COVID-19. We had the biggest response ever for a parent/guardian survey, and many of you provided us with very thoughtful comments and suggestions. Others took the time to simply say how much you and your children appreciated your teachers and staff. Those kinds of comments mean a lot as we work our way through these difficult times.

    By an almost two-to-one margin, respondents said they would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity to provide additional learning for our students. The extended learning days schedule will take students through Friday, June 11 with the Memorial Day holiday off.  

    Remember, in our Competency Based System, learning is a never-ending process and as soon as a student masters his/her content and learning levels, more options immediately become available to them. Imagine the opportunities that become available for a student who puts in additional learning this summer and returns in the fall on or ahead of pace. Attendance is highly recommended and strongly encouraged due to the effects of the pandemic.  

    Now that we know how our community feels, we are moving forward with planning. Over the coming weeks, teachers and principals from your individual school will be reaching out to you to provide details. We will begin the individualized planning with your child over the spring months to build a learning plan to enhance their academic performance. We promise your children will benefit from this extended learning opportunity. As always during school, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

    In the meantime, stay safe and remember that Education is Personal in Westminster Public Schools.