• CWC Apprentice Transition Questions and Answers from WHS Students

    Remote work is proving difficult for many. We are proud to announce that 6 out of 7 of our current CareerWise Colorado (CWC) Apprentices are currently still employed! The support of their transition to work from home has been exceptional, their supervisors and managers have not only had to make their own transition but lead the torch in creating a learning environment for our students. This is yet another reason why CWC continues to provide empowering learning platforms while earning money for our sophomores and juniors. CWC is STILL hiring for the start of the next school year! CLICK HERE for application and resume support.

    How is it working for our 6 students? Let’s hear from them!

  • Angelica - Colorado Department of Higher Education

  • Cal - SAS Manufacturing

  • Emily - CareerWise

  • Iomy - Home Advisor

  • Tyler - Home Advisor

  • Valerie - Geotech