• Students and families,

    In an effort to support you at this time BASE, Westminster Public Schools’ social and emotional curriculum platform, has created a Cornovirus (Covid-19) education course to inform students regarding the current state of our world with this pandemic. This course is for students and families to learn more about the virus by covering these important topics:

    • What is a virus?
    • What is the Coronavirus?
    • How does it spread?
    • How do we prevent spread?  (includes all behavioral actions, i.e. social distancing, washing hands, covering sneezes, coughs, etc.)
    • How does the virus affect us?
    • How to seek help and ask questions.
    • How to stay healthy at home.
    • The importance of and how to maintain respectful behavior (includes not judging, perpetuating rumors, or talking about others in a shameful manner).
    • Reinforcing that this is a temporary time and reiterating that it will pass.

    Please follow the link and login information to access the course.

    1. Go to the following link: https://course.base.education/
    2. Username: covid19
    3. Password: covid19
    4. Log In