FAQ's about the Westminster K-12 Virtual Academy

  • Why an online school?

    • Community surveys have found that many families are attracted to the idea of online learning, but don’t want to cut the connection with their local school. While online instruction is much different from a classroom experience, the Academy will provide plenty of opportunities for students to interact with their peers.  Students can still participate in athletics, performing arts, and district competitions like spelling bees.

    How is the Academy (online school) different from remote learning the district provided in the spring of 2020?  

    • While our teachers did a remarkable job of transitioning to remote learning during the pandemic, online education is different. The Virtual Academy provides an intensive curriculum in math, literacy, science and social studies while allowing students to partner with their “home” school to meet the child’s social learning needs.

    What if we try online learning and want to return to a traditional school at a later date?

    • This is a common question and the answer is yes, students can return to their original school at designated intervals. Because Westminster Public Schools oversees the Virtual Academy, student data will be entered into Empower, our learning management system, and information is integrated into the student’s ongoing academic profile.

    Will a high school diploma still come for Westminster or Hidden Lake High School?

    • Yes, while students may be taking online classes, they are still enrolled in Westminster Public Schools.

    Will my student receive a Chromebook and internet support?

    • All students will receive a Chromebook and Westminster Public Schools will provide details/and or access to free or low-cost internet options. 

    Why is my chromebook disconnecting from WiFi when it goes to sleep?

    • Tech services is aware of this issue and working on a resolution.

    How do I print from my chromebook?

    • The only option is to have a cloud print enabled printer. Then, you can print using your chromebook.

    How do I take the state assessments Spring 2021?

    CMAS is OPTIONAL for virtual students this Spring. If you would like your student to take CMAS, please fill out this form. The form is due by Monday April 12, 2021. Students will need to have their own transportation to and from testing. Testing site TBD.

    This year:

    • Grades 3, 4, 5 will take Literacy only
    • Grades 4, 6 will take Math only.
    • Grade 8 will take Math and Science.