• Parents and members of the community are encouraged and welcome to participate as volunteers to help meet the needs of students in the District. The Board of Education recognizes that parent associations, booster clubs, and volunteers are mediums through which parents and other community members may strengthen ties with the school and District and work to enhance educational progress for all students.

    CheckmarkBenefits for the Students
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    Our parents help to ensure the highest levels of student learning through strong partnerships and collective accountability. The excellence in our school system is due, in large part, to the involvement of our parents and their volunteer efforts. By sharing their time, talents and resources as members of PTAs, mentors to students at-risk and on district advisory committees, our parents strengthen the Adams 50 team.

    Better quality education
    More responsive school system
    Added pride and confidence in educational system
    Better educated students

    Additional services without extra cost
    Released teacher time to provide additional instructional time
    Improved student achievement, attitude and behavior
    Community support
    Parent understanding and cooperation
    Positive public relations and community attitude toward the educational system

    Enriched learning experiences
    Opportunities for exploration
    Additional individualized and personalized attention
    Learning reinforcement
    Increased motivation and improved self-concept
    Positive adult role models