• May 17th- May 21st


    U.S History 

    Monday May 17th- Latino Civil Rights Discussion 

    Tuesday May 18th- Remaning Civil Rights discussion 

    Wednesday May 19th- Student Workd Day 

    Thursday May 20th- No ZOOM! Student Work Day 

    Friday May 21st- No Zoom! Student Work Day 


    Monday May 17th- 05.06 Notes and Quiz 

    Tuesday May 18th- Review Game 

    Wednesday May 19th- Student work Day Complete exam 

    Thursday May 20th- No Zoom! Complete Module 5 Exam and other missing assignments 

    Firday May 21st- No Zoom! COmplete Module 5 Exam and other missing assignments

  • May 10th- May 14th

    U.S History 

    Monday May 10th- Civil Rights Discussion 

    Tuesday May 11th- Montgomery Bus Boycott worksheet 

    Wednesday May 12th- Student Work Day 

    Thursday May 13th- Discussion on Black Panther Party 

    Friday May 14th- Black Panther Party worksheet


    Monday May 10th- 05.04 discussion 

    Tuesday May 11th- Complete 05.04 in class

    Wednesday May12th- Student Work Day 

    Thursday May 13th-  05.05 Discussion 

    Friday May 14th- Complete 05.05 Worksheet 

  • May 3rd- May 7th

    U.S History 

    Monday May 3rd- No School 

    Tuesday May 4th- Module 7 Day 1 Notes 

    Wednesday May 5th- Student Work Day 

    Thursday May 6th-07.02  Montgomery Bus Boycott wkst 

    Friday May 7th- Module 7 day 2 notes 


    Monday May 3rd- No School 

    Tuesday May 4th- Notes for 05.01 

    Wednesday May 5th- Complete 05.01 quiz 

    Thursday May 6th- Notes for 05.02 and quiz 

    Friday May 7th- 05.03 quiz 

  • April 26th- April 30th

    U.S History 

    Monday April 26th- Cold War Review Game 

    Tuesday April 27th- Take Cold War Exam 

    Wednesday April 28th- Student Work Day 

    Thursday April 29th- Introduce Civil Rights Unit 

    Friday April 30th- Civil Rights Birth Certificate worksheet 


    Monday April 26th- Final Exam Review 

    Tuesday April 27th- Complete Final Exam Module 4

    Wednesday April 28th- Student Work Day 

    Thursday April 29th- Introduce Module 5 

    Friday April 30th- 05.01 notes 

  • April 19th- April 23rd

    Monday April 19th- Cold War storybook intro 

    Tuesday April 20th- Plan the storybook 

    Wednesday April 21st- student work Day 

    Thursday April 22nd- Outline the storyboook 

    Friday April 23rd- Add finishing touches to storybook 


    Monday April 19th- 02.05 Notes 

    Tuesday April 20th- 02.05 quiz 

    Wednesday April 21st- Student work day 

    Thursday April 22nd- Country Scavenger Hunt Discussion 

    Firday April 23rd- Country Scavenger Hunt 

  • April 12th- April 16th

    U.S History 

    Monday April 12th- 06.07 Watergate Scandal Introudction 

    Tuesday April 13th- The watergate Scandal 

    Wednesday April 14th- Student work day 

    Thursday April 15th- 06.07 Worksheet 

    Friday April 16th- Watergate Video 


    Monday April 12th- 04.03 Notes 

    Tuesday April 13th- Finish notes take quiz 

    Wednesday April 14th- student work day (take 04.03 quiz) 

    Thursday April 15th- 04.04 Notes 

    Friday April 16th- Work on 04.04 assignment 

  • April 5th- April 9th

    U.S History 

    Monday April 5th- Tet Offensive 

    Tuesday March 6th- Media and the control 

    Wednesday April 7th- Student Work Day 

    Thursday April 8th- Violence in U.S 

    Friday April 9th- End of the War and Next steps 


    Monday April 5th- 04.01 

    Tuesday April 6th- 04.02 

    Wednesday April 7th- Student work day 

    Thursday April 8th- 04.03 work 

    Friday April 9th- 04.04 

  • March 29th- April 2nd

    Welcome Back from Spring Break! 

    U.S History 

    Monday March 29th- Introduction to the Vietnam War (watch Khan Video) 

    Tuesday March 30th- Gulf of Tonkin Incident notes 

    Wednesday March 31st- Student Work Day- Complete any missing assignments 

    Thursday April 1st- Media's role in the Vietnam War 

    Friday April 2nd- Late War- How does it end? 


    Monday March 29th- Review for Exam- Kahoot! 

    Tuesday March 30th- Exam 

    Wednesday March 21st- Exam 

    Thursday April 1st- Intro to Module 4 

    Friday April 2nd- Module 4 Pre-test day 

  • March 22nd- March 26th


    We will not be meeting over zoom! Mr. K will also be on vacation so he will be slow to respond to emails and grading. I will try my hardest to get back to you but now that I am also taking some time to relax. 

  • March 15th- March 19th

    U.S History 

    Monday March 15th- SNOW DAY! student work day 

    Tuesday March 16th- Intro to Vietnam War 

    Wednesday March 17th- Research some protest songs (2000-present) 

    Thursday March 18th- Protest song worksheet 

    Friday March 19th- Protest song worksheet due 


    Monday March 15th- SNOW DAY! student work day 

    Tuesday March 16th- Additional costs table for financial budget 

    Wednesdya March 17th- Student work day 

    Thursday March 18th- Final few tables pn budget worksheet 

    Friday March 19th- -2.05 Final Exam 

  • March 8th- March 12th

    U.S History 

    Monday March 8th- No zoom meeting, complete quiz 06.03 in Empower 

    Tuesday March 9th- Best classes for you presentation  

    Wednesday March 10th- Student work day, complete any missing work 

    Thursday March 11th- Will be working on 06.04 worksheet in class 

    Friday March 12th- How is Korea today? 


    Monday March  8th- NO zoom meeting 

    Tuesday March 9th- Best classes presentation from Mrs. Walsch  

    Wednesday March 10th- Student work day, complete any missing work 

    Thursday March 11th- Budget assignment- what type of car would you like?  

    Friday March 12th- Budget assignment- What type of degree do you need?  

  • March 1st- March 5th

    U.S History 

    Monday March 1st- begin discussion on 06.02 Early Cold war 

    Tuesday March 2nd- Finish discussion on 06.02 Ealy Cold War, Quiz due Thursday 

    Wednesday March 3rd- Studnet Work Day NO ZOOM 

    Thursday March 4th- Discussion on 06.03 Cold War @ Home 

    Friday March 5th- Final Discussion on 06.03 Cold War @ Home, quiz due monday 


    Monday March 1st- Begin discussion on 02.03 Save,Invest or Spend 

    Tuesday Mrach 2nd- Stock Market disucssion and game 

    Wednesday March 3rd- Student work day 

    Thursday March 4th- Begin 02.04 Budget assignment 

    Friday March 5th- Step 2 of 02.04 Budget assignment

  • Fe. 22nd- Feb. 26th

    U.S History 

    Mond. Feb 22nd- We are beginning the module 6 unit on the Cold War Complete 06.00 for HW 

    Tuesday Feb 23rd- 1st day of Lecture notes for 06.01 

    Wednesday Feb 24- Student Work Day 

    Thursday Feb 25- Day 2 of lecture notes for 06.01 

    Friday Feb 26th- Full class period to work on 06.01 


    Monday Feb. 22nd- Begin Module 2 Notes and Pre-Test for HW 

    Tuesday Fe. 23rd- Begin 02.01 Notes and worksheet 

    Wedneady Feb 24th- Complete 02.01 quiz for student work day 

    Thursday Feb. 25th- Class time to work on 02.01 quiz 

    Friday- Discuss 02.02 remaining time begin quiz. 

  • Feb. 15th- Feb. 19th

    U.S HIstory 

    Monday Feb. 15th- No School. President's Day 

    Tuesday Feb 16th- Testing tips quiz, analyzing imagines 

    Wednesday Feb. 17th- Student WOrk Day 

    Thursday Feb 18th- KAHOOT 

    Friday Feb 19th- Module 5 exam 


    Monday Feb. 15th- President's day 

    Tuesday Feb 16th- Work on Discussion Paper 01.08 

    Wednesday Feb 17th- Student work day 

    Thursday Feb 18th- Kahoot! 

    Friday Feb 19th- Module 1 exam 

  • Feb. 8th- Feb. 12th


    U.S History 

    Monday Feb. 8th- Discuss the End of the War 05.06 

    Tuesday Feb. 9th- Finish discussion of 05.06, Prepare for discussion  

    Wednesday Feb 10th- Asynchonous Wednesday

    Thursday Feb. 11th- Class discussion on the bomb. 

    Friday Feb. 12th- Classtime to work on 05.06 essay, "would you drop the bomb?"


    Monday Feb. 8th- Working on classwork 01.08 

    Tuesday Feb. 9th- Continue work for 01.08 

    Wednesday Feb. 10th- Asynchonous Wednesday

    Thursday Feb 11th- Complete first 2 paragraphs 

    Friday Feb 12th- Complete essay by end of day 

  • Hello Everyone, 


    This page gives you up to date information on the assignments that are due. 


    I will also be adding videos to a youtube channel over the weekend that goes into detail about assignments. 


    I also have helpful tips and tricks for navigating the buzz platform. I will be adding videos with explanation shortly! 


    Helpful Tips- 
    Log onto Buzz at mywps.agilixbuzz.com 
    Find the class tile (ex. Kurzawski_S61_U.S History) 
    Find Activites and Module (ex. Module 2 Industrial Revolution) 
    Find the activity you are working on 
    In those activites there will be 2 labeled the same name, The first one is notes and the second is the assignment. 
    READ THROUGH THE FIRST TAB EACH TIME, there is valuable information and charts that will help you complete each assignment.