• Zoom Link: Click Here


    Personal Meeting ID:

    365 944 4320

    Meeting Passcode:

    E-mail me if you need the Passcode for your class section.  

    Zoom Expectation:

    The expectation is that you sign into Zoom using your full name (first and last) for easy identification.  You will also be expected to have your video on at all times.  Please mute your sound if you are not the speaker.  If you do not identify yourself appropriately, you will be removed from the meeting to ensure the safety and security of others.  Also, if you fail to act appropriately during a Zoom meeting, you will be removed from the meeting and you may face possible consequences.


    Middle School Regular Schedule

    7:50am-8:40am = Keyboarding_MS Pod 6-5 (Corso - Team A)

    8:40am-9:30am = Keyboarding_MS Pod 6-6 (Corso - Team A)

    9:40am-10:30am = Keyboarding_MS Pod 6-1 (Corso - Team A)

    10:30am-11:20am = Keyboarding_MS Pod 6-2 (Corso - Team A)

    1:10pm-2:00pm = Keyboarding_MS Pod 6-3 (Corso - Team A)

    2:10pm-3:00pm = Keyboarding_MS Pod 6-4 (Corso - Team A)