• Expectations for PreK Remote Learning
    *Class Dojo is our main method of communication*

    Ms. Sandra O'Donnell     Ms. Rachel Long

             Ms. Sandra                Ms. Rachel   

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    ★ Each day of remote learning includes: 4 activities on Empower and 1 live
    Zoom Meeting


    Empower Website

    There will be four activities to complete on Empower each day. The
    activities span four areas of learning: Literacy, Math, Social-Emotional, and Music
    & Movement.
    1. Use your login info for your Chromebook. Go to the WPS district website.
    2. Click on “Online Apps”
    3. Click on “Empower”
    4. Click on “Sign in with Google”
    5. The student will sign in using their “studentwps.org” email address. If you
    have any questions, please email or message your teacher.

    *In order for the assignment to be considered complete, the student must click
    the “complete” button.*



    A live video lesson on Zoom will be offered twice each day. You only need
    to attend one, as the lesson will be the same both times. Please plan on joining
    the same meeting time each day for consistency and teacher planning.
    1. Student will need a quiet area of the home, preferably seated at a table
    (kitchen or coffee table) to join us on Zoom. Students must be out of bed
    and dressed (uniform not required).
    2. Please make sure your student has some paper and crayons nearby the
    3. Zoom sessions will always be on the same link.

    Ms. Rachel’s Class-
    Zoom Code: 555 493 5781

     Ms. Sandra’s Class:

    Link: Ms. Sandra Zoom Meeting Link

     Zoom Code: 917 590 8656

    Clarifications for Pre-K Learning
    If you miss a day or few of school, here are some generic tips for helping your
    child continue learning anytime :)


    ✔ Read with your children at least twice daily.
    ✔ When children are on their own, encourage them to read
    books by looking at the pictures & creating their own words to
    the story.

    Writing & Drawing
    ✔ Encourage them to make marks on paper & try to write their
    name on each drawing to practice. They may scribble or write
    strings of letters.
    ✔ Ask your child to tell you what they drew; as they dictate, an
    adult should write down their words.
    ✔ Use capital letters when writing with preschoolers

    ➔ Encourage speaking in full sentences.
    ➔ Work on the skill of retelling! Choose a story, read it many
    times, and have your child retell it by talking to you, a sibling, their pet, or calling a relative over the phone 

    Five Frame
    ✔ Do not write in the frame. Boxes are to put objects for

    ✔ Small object examples: buttons, beads, paper clips, rocks,