• Mr. Viglione; 5th level 




    Mr. Adam Viglione

    Hello students and families, 

    As you know already, our routines and our normal lives have been disrupted by this pandemic. Here at school this is no different. We have begun in person learning and because of the current situation we may need to pivot to online learning at any moment. In order for us to be prepared, I am providing some information just in case this becomes a reality. I am including student expectations, and a daily schedule. 

    In addition, we will be having students traveling to and from school with some of the items they will need if we have to go to online learning which include their computer, books we are studying in class, and marker box. In the meantime help your student put all of these items back in their backpacks and remind them to charge their computer every night. 

    Mr. Viglione

    Student expectations of ONLINE Learning:

    1. Students should start their day by checking EMPOWER and Google Hangouts to look for messages from Mr. Viglione. Attend Zoom Class: Includes Specials or language class, and any groups. (CLD, Mrs. Sheanin, Ms. Bingler)
    2. Empower will have all links to assignments and Zoom classes. If they cannot attend, they need to contact the teacher for that class via Google Hangouts or email. Otherwise they will be marked absent for the day.
    3. Complete and turn in assigned work for ALL classes. All assignments are posted on Empower
    4. Mr. V's webpage

    Student expectations on ZOOM:

    1. Students need to be dressed appropriately
    2. Find a comfortable spot(table, desk, etc), but not laying down in their bed 
    3. Will need headphones with a microphone to communicate with the teacher and class 
    4. Video must be turned on, unless stated otherwise by the teacher
    5. Students will need to stay muted unless they are called on to talk
    6. As fun as Show-And-Tell is, please refrain from showing off bedrooms, animals, toys, etc. 

    Zoom Meeting Code: 884 1963 1190

    Email: aviglione@mywps.org

    Daily Virtual Learning Schedule



    Breakfast, check messages from Mr. V


    Writing/Science/Soc.Studies ‌on Zoom 

    (This will still be the 2 week rotation. If our class has language, students will either be on Zoom with their teacher, or working in Empower)

    10:00-10:25 ‌

    Math‌ ‌on Zoom

    (Math lesson may be through zoom, students might just check in with Mr. Viglione then work independently and come back to the zoom when completed)


    Specials or ‌Language‌ ‌on Zoom 

    (This will still be the 2 week rotation. If our class has language, students will either be on Zoom with their teacher, or working in Empower)

    11:30-12:40 ‌

    Lunch‌ ‌& Independent 

    Work Time

    (If students have work to complete, this time can be used to work on those assignments)


    Literacy‌ ‌on Zoom

    (Literacy lessons may be through Zoom, or students may just check in with Mr. Viglione and work independently)

    1:40-2:40‌ ‌

    W.I.N.‌ ‌Time‌ ‌ 

    (Students who have CLD or Group will join Ms. Koch or Mrs. Sheanin on Zoom or Reading Groups with Mr. Viglione)

    2:45-3:15 ‌

    Math Continued/Independent Work/Open Zoom Time

    (Mr. Viglione’s open zoom time for students who may need help)