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How Can I Keep My Mesa Student Safe?

  • Nowadays, there is more risk than usual.  Although keeping children off scooters, skateboards, motorized scooters and shoes with wheels while at school is a great safety measure, we have a few more things to think about in 2021.

    • Students and staff who feel ill are required to STAY HOME.
    • All students and staff will be required to wear face masks. Staff will also wear eye protection and a KN-95 mask.
    • Family members will not be permitted on the playground in the back of school or past the front entry.
    • Students will be placed in smaller groups.
    • Social distancing will be observed and practiced to the fullest level possible. For instance, this year we have a 10 minute arrival time and a staggered dismissal.
    • Regular hand washing is required and hand sanitizer is encouraged.
    • Students will not share school materials.
    • Enhanced cleaning and decontamination happens throughout the day, all day.

    Remind your children to practice the 3 W’s of WPS:

    1. Wear a mask
    2. Wash your hands
    3. Watch your distance