• "Dear Mr Steward,

     I want to thank you and your entire staff for creating an environment in which my daughter was not only given the chance to succeed, but was strongly encouraged (in a good way) to make it happen. HLHS far exceeded my expectations from the night we applied for admission, to the day I got the call from  Ms. Northcott informing me that Delaney had the credits necessary to graduate. It was very apparent in conversing with her that she cared deeply about, and was proud of what Delaney had accomplished.  During Delaney's time at HLHS I received many calls from other teachers that had concerns or just wanted to discuss her progress. I was so impressed with their effort and dedication in helping her get to finish line.   Sindy was fantastic as well and went above and beyond the call of duty in many ways to make it happen. 

     Mr. Steward, You have an awesome staff, and from everything I experienced In our year and a half or so, A great game plan. Keep up the great work.

     Thanks again to you and your entire staff, HLHS was truly a great experience. I'll look forward to seeing you at graduation as well.

     God bless you,