Extra Practice
  • Reading From West Virginia Phonics.


    These sets of stories focus on words that have more that 3 sounds. The stories are longer.  Words that are highlighted contain a phonic pattern your kindergarten student has not yet been introducted to.  The best way to approach these words are to ask your student about the parts they can sound out.  Then as their guide, tell them the word.   


    Set 1:  Words with L-BLENDS

    Set 2: Words with the digraph CH



  • Books From WONDERS - Core Curriculum from Brick and Mortar WPS Schools


    This set of books, with color pictures will challenge your student to read longer text, and closed syllable words with more than 3 sounds.



  • Flyleaf shares their amazing book series for free, right now!!!  Click here, to explore their online books.


    Enjoying books 1-27 would be most appropirate until we learn the silent e phonics pattern.