About Our School

  • Shared Vision

    At Hodgkins Leadership Academy we are goal-oriented and compassionate leaders who make a positive impact in our community. 

    Welcome to Josephine Hodgkins Leadership Academy

    We are extremely happy that you have chosen Hodgkins! It is an exciting time to be in Westminster Public Schools and in our building.

    Competency Based System (CBS)

    Here at Hodgkins and throughout the district, your student will receive a Competency Based Education where their learning is personalized for his or her individual needs.

    Your child will be leveled according to his or her abilities.  After demonstrating proficiency within the level, they will be promoted to the next level.  If a student is in need of extra support in their progression, they will receive support for their specific needs.

    Student success is celebrated routinely throughout the year.  Other highlights of competency based education are:

    Student ownership of learning

    Student goal setting

    Project-based learning

    Student-centered classrooms

    Data-driven decision making (both students and teachers) 


    We are very proud to be a Leader in Me School.  What that means is that we teach and follow the philosophies outlined in Steve Covey's 7 Habits for Highly Effective People.  Students and staff are able to apply these habits to both their academic and personal life.  The habits serve as life tools to help one in interpersonal relationships, self-motivation, problem solving and personal health and well-being. 

    Students are able to highlight and utilize their unique strengths through a variety of leadership opportunities such as:

    Greeter leaders

    Safety Leaders

    Office Assistants