School Hours
    Start Time: 8:35 a.m. | End Time: 3:45 p.m.
    There will only be one bell in the morning.  At 8:25 a.m. all students will be brought into the building.  At this time, the instrctional day will begin.  Please note that we no longer will have a tardy bell.  Any student who is not in their classroom at 8:25 a.m. will be considered tardy.  Any student who arrives after 8:35 a.m. will need to enter through the main office to have their temperature taken and to recieve a tardy slip.
    Bell Schedule
    Supervision of students will begin at 8:25 am.  Prior to that, there will be no supervision of students.
    Students will be supervised until 3:55 pm.
    Visitors at School
    Due to health precasutions, visitors will not be allowed further than the main office.