• School Uniforms

    2023-2024 Uniform Policy

    Here at Hodgkins, we believe our leaders should be measured by their character rather than their outside appearance.  The playing field is leveled by wearing uniforms, and all efforts can be focused on academic achievement.  Please note that the uniform policy differs slightly for our elementary and middle school students.  Our PTO sells slightly used uniform pieces for $1 each throughout the school year.  If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact a representative hodgkinspto@gmail.com.

    Uniform Expectations (English)

    Uniform Expectations (Spanish)

    Uniform Infraction Procedure 

    The dress code regulations are equally enforced for all students. If students choose not to follow the Standardized Uniform Policy, any of the following actions may result:

    • 1st offense: Students will call a parent/guardian to bring their standardized dress to school, or students may choose to change into a school-provided uniform (if available)
    • 2nd offense: parents/ guardians will be called, and the student will wait in the office until a standardized dress is available
    • 3rd & 4th offense: Lunch/recess detention on the 4th offense, a parent meeting will be held with school administration to clarify the Standardized Uniform Policy
    • 5th offense and beyond: In-school suspension

    If a parent objects to the dress code policy because of religious, philosophical, or economic circumstances, please contact the main office, and we will be happy to assist you and inform you of your options per BOE Policy JICA.

    Uniform Free Day Regulations

    • Students may earn uniform-free day rewards for positive behavior, attendance, and achieving other classroom goals. All families will be notified of uniform-free days at least one day in advance.

    • Student clothing must be in compliance with BOE Policy  JICA and JICF, outlining student dress code expectations.

    • The decision of the building administration will be final in all disputes concerning student dress.