CTSO Lettering

  • Work-Based Learning

    • 10 hours for the entire year (including the summer time prior to the start of the school year) 
      • This can include ISPs.
    • Can cover the full continuum from an in class  guest speaker to a full internship. 
    • Out of class opportunities set up by students
    • In-class opportunities - students must complete some kind of follow up activity that goes above and beyond what is required of all students in the class (for example: getting the contact information from an industry professional and following up with an interview or shadowing, presentation on the experience to a small audience, etc.) 

    Community Service

    • 10 hours required for the year
    • A maximum of 10 WHS volunteer hours 
    • Service hours may not count for the CTSO and other organizations, only one or the other and hours may only count for 1 CTSO. 
    • Court ordered community service hours will not be accepted
    • Students must keep an accurate log, signed off by an adult supervising the service
    • All community service done outside of WHS must be completed through a formal organization and students may not be compensated for their work. 

    Member in Good Standing 

    • Paid dues
    • Role Model 
    • Eligibility 
    • Attendance (school rate/attending meetings)  

    Contest Participation (program specific) 

    Automatic Lettering

    • State contest winner - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and/or qualifying for state if the CTSO has regionals 
    • State or district office