Genisis Ceniceros Tarango - Mariachi Student Council President
  • WHS Orchestra and Mariachi Council Officers 2021-2022

    Genisis Ceniceros Tarango: Mariachi Council President
    José Celaya - Orchestra Council President 

    Adan Menchu Cruz - Vice President of the Past
    Willow Tackett - Vice President of the Present 
    Danny Jackson - Vice President of the Future 

    Merari Paredes - Secretary 
    Amy Rodriguez - Point Keeper and Head Librarian 

    Class Representatives 

    Camerata Orchestra (Period 2)
    Alondra Mendoza Hinojos - Representative
    Jayden Lange - Vice Representative

    Tempesta di Corde Orchestra (Period 3)
    Cesar Rodriguez Munoz - Representative
    Aime Doan - Vice Representative 

    Mariachi de las Estrellas and Mariachi Feroz (Period 5)
    Genisis Ceniceros Tarango - Representative
    Luis Lechuga Delgado - Vice Representative 

    Concert Orchestra (Period 6)
    Ashlyn Rivera - Representative 
    Nate Climaco - Vice Representative 

Four council members standing against a brick wall.
  • Beyond the Mariachi, A Family
    The Mariachi Council works hard to ensure that everyone’s musical, social, and emotional needs are met within each ensemble. The council ensures that every individual who walks into the classroom feels welcomed, supported, and appreciated.


    Past and Future Council Activities
    Coloring Books
    Welcome Gift Bags
    Middle/High School Night
    T-shirts/ Swag
    Orchestra Parties
    Orchestra Tutoring

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