• Sherrelwood's History

    During the spring of 1967, ground was broken for the construction of Sherrelwood Elementary School.
    On February 20th, 1968, Sherrelwood opened.

    The first faculty and staff at Sherrelwood Elementary were: Donald D. Smith, principal; Miss Jeanne Eberhard, P.E.; Miss Alma Wille, music; Mrs. Dorothy Byers, cafeteria: Mrs. Marguerite Clark, cafeteria; Joe Luchetta, custodian; Mrs. Merrilyn Bishop, Mrs. Bernadine Capan, Mrs. Patty Childers, Mrs. Candace Colborn, Mrs. Carmen Davis, George W. Faulka, Miss Grace Freye, Mrs. Helen Humphries, Mrs. Betty Johnson, Mrs. Jean Krohn, Mrs. Caroel McCotter, Mrs. Allene Meisel, Thomas Moore, Mrs. Dinah Patterson, Ronald Saari, Mrs. Eula Shelton, Mrs. Carole Smith. Miss Betty Splichal, Mrs. Dolores Sullivan, and Phillip Wayne.

    Sherrelwood was constructed on a different plan than most elementary schools.

    It is in the shape of a giant triangle with the classrooms on the outside of the triangle and the service areas (offices, library, kitchen and storage rooms) in the interior. Many of the classrooms were constructed so that folding walls could be opened to make larger spaces for different modes of instruction. Under the direction of Principal Donald D. Smith, Sherrelwood became an Individually Guided Education (I.G.E.) school affiliated with the state and national I.G.E. organization. It promoted grouping of students in a non-graded system with instructional emphasis on the child’s individual needs.
    Principal History:
    Rose Marie Fern                       1972-1984
    Don Anderson                          1984-1985
    Steven VandeVen                     1985-1999
    Shelly Landgraf                        2000-2006
    Kristren Whitcomb                   2006-2007
    Dan Vallez                                2007-2008
    Karen Price/Dan Vallez            2008-2009
    Cindy Davis                              2009-current
    In 2009, Sherrelwood implemented Competency Based System