• School Guidelines


    Attendance Guidelines and Tardy Policies

    Our school day for students Kindergarten through 5th grade begins at 8:15 a.m., school ends at 3:05 p.m. Students walking to school should NOT plan to arrive at school until ten (10) minutes before school begins.

    Home and School Contact/Cooperation

    Parents are expected to call the school, 720-542-4286, anytime their child is going to be absent from school. This number is the attendance line and will record your message 24 hours a day. Please call the school by 9:00 a.m. the day your child is absent. If your child goes home at noon and does not return to school that afternoon, parents must call to report the absence. Absence From School Colorado School Law approves absence only for illness. You are not counted absent or tardy for a doctor or dentist appointment if you are gone from school only during the time of your appointment and return to school immediately afterward. Prompt and consistent attendance at school is an assurance that your educational endeavors will not be interrupted allowing maximum learning to take place.
    Sherrelwood Attendance Procedures
    1. Every morning and afternoon the homeroom teacher will mark each student present, tardy, or absent.
    2. Board Policy JG defines tardiness as a student not in the classroom when the bell rings. Persistent tardiness is a suspendable offense. A student who is tardy reports to the office. Gets the tardy notation placed on the attendance sheet, and then brings a tardy admittance back to the homeroom teacher.
    3. A student is not counted absent or tardy if that student is keeping a doctor or dentist appointment and returns to school immediately after the appointment. Advance notice to the classroom teacher is appreciated.
    4. Notes are required from the parent (or phone call) for any absence or tardiness. This communication should state the reason for the absence or tardiness.
    5. If a child is absent for three or more days, the parent may call the school office and arrange for make-up work to be picked up.
    6. To allow for unusual situations that arise each student is allowed three tardies each grading period. After a student is tardy more than three times in a nine-week period a letter will be mailed home informing the parent each time a student is tardy.
    7. Excessive absenteeism is declared when a student nears his/her six-day limit (175 days of required attendance—not counting days of illness).
    8. Excessive tardiness is declared when a student has a pattern of tardiness. This necessitates a parent/teacher contact to discuss the situation and cooperatively seek remedies.
    9. When change has not occurred with the teacher and social worker contact, the teacher brings the matter to the attention of the principal This may result in a formal letter being sent to the parents stating the seriousness of the concern and the possibility of a referral being made to Adams County Social Services. 

    Dress Code

    Sherrelwood Students should come to school dressed to do their best. Students, parents and teachers all feel better when they are properly dressed and well groomed. Students, like all people, tend to act like they dress. Try to keep yourself clean and neat at all times and dress in clothes appropriate for the classroom and the weather.
    Students are to dress in such a way that they are comfortable and able to do their schoolwork without distracting others. If, in the judgment of the teacher or the principal, your dress is distracting to others, your parents will be contacted and you will be asked to change in to more suitable clothing. Fish net shirts, ½ shirts, muscle shirts, shirts above the waist, short shorts and halter tops/spaghetti straps are not to be worn to school. T-shirts with objectionable lettering are not permitted, and hats are not to be worn inside the school building. No temporary hair coloring or any other alterations will be allowed that disrupt the learning environment.

    Medical Information

    24 Hour Attendance Telephone Number 720-542-4286 

    Sick Children 
    Sick children should be kept at home until able to function normally in the classroom. A telephone call to the attendance recorder is expected so that you child’s teachers know the reason for the absence 720-542-4286. If your child goes home for lunch and does not return to school, for afternoon classes, kindly notify the school office.
    When a child becomes sick at school, you will be contacted. UPDATED PHONE NUMBERS are very important in case of emergency. It is the responsibility of the parent to come to the school or send someone to take the child home. Kindly keep the EMERGENCY NUMBERS that are on file in the school office CURRENT AND ACCURATE. This information is necessary in case the parent cannot be reached.
    Colorado State Law requires that all students attending public school MUST comply with the required immunization guidelines or MAKE APPLICATION FOR MEDICAL/RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS or sign a SIXTY-DAY WAIVER during which time required immunizations are updated and/or received. Those students who do not meet the immunization requirements, WILL BE EXCLUDED from school until the requirements are met.
    According to Colorado State Law and District 50 policy, only currently prescribed medication may be given at school. Whenever possible, medicine should be taken at home. Prescribed medication that must me taken during the school day requires a WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM THE PHYSICIAN and a WRITTEN REQUEST FROM THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN. The medicine must me in the original prescription container and properly labeled with the date, the name of the child, name of the medicine, directions for taking the medicine, and the name and telephone number of the physician prescribing the medication. All medications must be kept secured in the office. Office personnel WILL NOT administer any medication to students including aspirin and cough drops unless; a written statement accompanies it from the doctor. Please do not allow students to bring cough drops or any medication to school, as it could be a problem if another student took it and had a reaction.
    Grades Kindergarten through 5th grade are required to have the following immunizations: 
    5 DTP
    4 Polio 
    3 Hepatitis B 
    2 MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella)
    2 Varicella (Chickenpox
     6th graders will be required to have an additional immunization:
    Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td.DT)
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