• Dress Code

    Sherrelwood Students should come to school dressed to do their best. Students, parents and teachers all feel better when they are properly dressed and well groomed. Students, like all people, tend to act like they dress. Try to keep yourself clean and neat at all times and dress in clothes appropriate for the classroom and the weather.
    Students are to dress in such a way that they are comfortable and able to do their schoolwork without distracting others. If, in the judgment of the teacher or the principal, your dress is distracting to others, your parents will be contacted and you will be asked to change in to more suitable clothing. Fish net shirts, ½ shirts, muscle shirts, shirts above the waist, short shorts and halter tops/spaghetti straps are not to be worn to school. T-shirts with objectionable lettering are not permitted, and hats are not to be worn inside the school building. No temporary hair coloring or any other alterations will be allowed that disrupt the learning environment.