Personal Property Insurance

  • A self-Insurance fund is available for employees for the purpose of reimbursing employees for personal property that is stolen or vandalized during authorized working hours. Benefits eligible employees may participate in the insurance plan by providing an annual contribution of $5.

    Any participating employee who has personal property stolen or vandalized during working hours on school district property, through no fault of the participating employee, may apply for reimbursement. The reimbursement will be made for the repair or replacement of the property up to a maximum of $250 or the participating employee’s insurance deductible, whichever is less, provided the participating employee files a police report on the damaged or stolen item within 24 hours of occurrence. Non-refundable contributions received from employees during open enrollment in this plan will be deposited in the insurance fund.

  • Qualifications

    Must be an employee of Westminster Public Schools at the time the personal property damage occurs and enrolled in the plan.

  • Qualifying Events

    All personal property, except items disqualified under exempt property, is covered under this agreement. Properties included are items such as automobiles, jewelry, cell phones, clothing, motorcycles, computers, etc. The loss and/or damage of the property must have occurred during the normal working hours of the employee or if the employee is at an authorized event of the school district.

  • Enrollment

    • All district employees are eligible to enroll in the insurance plan during the district’s annual open enrollment. Employees who elect to join the insurance program must complete the Personal Property Insurance Plan Enrollment/Change form and forward it to Benefits Office in Human Resources. Click here to complete the Personal Property Insurance Plan Form.
    • If enrolled during the district’s annual open enrollment, employees can elect to have an automatic payroll deduction from their January payroll check.
    • New employees have the opportunity to enroll in the district’s Personal Property Insurance Plan when hired. They can also elect to have an automatic payroll deduction from their January check each contract year. If the member wishes to terminate the coverage, they will need to notify payroll using the enrollment/change form above.

  • Exempt Property

    Cash, bodily injury (covered under workers’ compensation) property not belonging to employee such as rental cars, property damage to your product or your work, property damage that resulted from not following district policies or procedures.

  • Liability Deductible

    Each incident of loss is limited to $250 or the amount of insurance deductible, whichever is less.

  • Claim Processing

    Employees participating in the insurance plan shall notify the police within 24 hours of the incident.

    • A copy of the police report along with a Notice of Loss Form and current insurance policy coverage (if applicable) shall be forwarded to Risk Management in the Finance Department within seven calendar days after discovery of the loss and/or property damage.

    No claim for automobile damage will be processed without proof of insurance.

    Please complete the Personal Propery Insurance Plan Notice of Loss form online here.