• School Guidelines

    The following rules apply to all students attending Sherrelwood Elementary School. In addition to the “Unacceptable Behaviors”, these rules and procedures, if followed, will help to make our school a safe and pleasant place for everyone. Repeatedly breaking the following rules will be considered to be continuous disruptive behavior and will be treated as an Unacceptable Behavior.
    1. There is to be no running inside the school.
    2. You are to arrive at school NO MORE than ten minutes before school starts, and leave the school grounds as soon as possible after dismissal.
    3. You are responsibility for getting all school assignments in on time. If you are absent, all make-up work is your responsibility.
    4. You are responsible for keeping your class area as clean as possible at all times, and for cleaning up one work area before going to the next work area.
    5. You are not to leave your assigned areas without your teacher’s permission and a pass.
    6. All class changes are to be made in a quiet and orderly manner. Students move without conversation one behind the other.
    7. You must receive permission from your teacher before moving any school material or equipment out of an assigned area.
    8. You are not to chew gum or eat candy during school time. You are not to take food to the playground after lunch.
    9. Leave all toys, electronic games, radios, dangerous objects, etc. at home unless your teacher asks you to bring them to school
    10. Use all playground equipment safely.
    11. Proper behavior at programs includes: NO WHISTLING OR SHOUTING.
    Sherrelwood Library Books
    If you lose a library book/schoolbook that is checked out to you, it is your responsibility to pay for it before you are issued another. If you damage a library book/schoolbook, you will be charged for the damages. If a lost book is found and returned in good condition, your money will be refunded. Often lost books are found at home in the bottom of drawers or under beds, so look carefully for them.