Please talk with your child about being safe while walking to and from school.  Some reminders might include:

    · Using electronic crosswalks or crossing guards when they are available

    · Always walking with a buddy – not alone

    · Not talking to strangers

    · Walking directly to home or school, making no stops

    · Not engaging in horseplay on the way home especially near traffic

    · Being constantly aware of dangers in their surroundings

    Please exercise caution when driving around our school and follow the student pick up and drop off lanes in our hug and drop zone.  Students arriving on foot or by car are to use the sidewalks and may not walk through the parking lot without an adult.  The parking lot on Zuni Street is our designated hug and drop zone. 

    Only kindergarten and first graders without siblings should be dropped off and/or picked up on 74th Avenue.  Please pull your car over to the curb to drop off your child.  Do not stop in the middle of the street or interfere with traffic.  Students must cross at crosswalks and will not be allowed to cross at other spots without an adult with them.  Students should not be dropped off on Zuni Street or enter through the front door (unless arriving after 8:15).

    Remember that nothing is more important than the safety of our children! The plan we have developed for drop off and pick up times is to keep ALL our children safe and we appreciate when everyone cooperates.  If an adult violates one of our safety rules, he or she may receive a Skyline Vista Safety Citation.

    In the event of a tornado or other severe weather or emergency, all students will remain at school until an “all clear” has been declared.