• Unique Aspects of Skyline Vista


    Our staff, students and parents make up the Skyline Vista family. It is important to us that our efforts are focused on our students. Our instruction begins from the perspective that every child has potential and capacity to learn. We work together to develop their potential into skills that lead to successful, productive citizens.

    We are a school that offers a wide variety of activities to meet the needs of our students. First, we use a balanced approach to teach literacy. Children are taught a variety of strategies to improve their reading and writing skills. We have nine interventionists who work with students from Kindergarten through 5th grade on their reading and math on a daily basis. We also have teachers who work with our students who are monolingual in a language other than English.

    We believe in state-of-the-art technology at Skyline Vista.  Each student has their own Chromebook, every K-5 classroom has Interactive TVs and we have 3D printers. Through these devices, students are able to access curriculum, work at their own level and learn skills they will need for 21st century.

    Students have many choices beyond academics in which to be involved at our school. Our fourth and fifth level students can choose to participate in band or orchestra and run for student council. Students can be a member of Soccer for Success sponsored through the major league soccer and the Colorado Rapids, tennis club, represent their class as a student council representative, or participate in the home book club. The home book club provides students a new packet of books every week to take home and read. Parents sign-off acknowledging that their child read the books then they are returned to school and students are given new books.

    Parents can participate in our family nights which occur every other month beginning in September and also be an active part in the decision making process at Skyline Vista via our PTO.  Come for a tour and see what Skyline Vista can do for your child!