• Title 1 Parent Compact & Parent Involvement Policy

    This policy and compact have been jointly developed and agreed upon by the Orchard Park Academy family; parents, students, staff and administration.

    Title 1 /Parent Compact

    Orchard Park Academy is a Title 1 school. The goal of the Title 1 program is to help every child get a high-quality education. The Orchard Park Academy family; administration, staff, parents and students each have responsibilities they must meet in order to accomplish this goal.

    As a student, I promise to..

    • Come to school every day on time and be prepared to learn and participate.
    • ask for help when I need it
    • respect and cooperate with other students and adults
    • do my homework and participate in the Home Reading Program

    As a parent, I promise to..

    • help my child attend school every day and be on time.
    • find a quiet place for my child to read and complete homework
    • read to and with my child on a regular basis
    • provide enriching learning experiences at home
    • Assist my child with the Home Book Club
    • attend Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • communicate regularly with the school, principal, Title 1 and classroom teachers
    • participate in decisions related to my child's education and achievement, as appropriate
    • make an effort to be involved in school activities
    • follow the school's pick-up and drop-off policy


    As a school, we promise to..

    • deliver a challenging academic curriculum and explain our standards to parents each year
    • provide a physically and emotionally safe environment where students feel comfortable taking risks
    • help parents understand the way these standards are assessed and how they can help their child achieve these goals
    • be available to support reasonable requests, suggestions, and questions in regard to Title 1 policies and responsibilities
    • provide multiple opportunities, at convenient times, for parents to build a partnership with the school, where the school will provide materials and reciprocal training to assist the parents in promoting their students' academic achievement {I.e.: Parent Teacher Conferences, Family Literacy/Math Nights, School Planning and Management Team (SPMT), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)}
    • invite parents to plan and review the School Improvement Plan (SIP 2), Title 1 program and Parent Involvement Policy each year.
    • provide this policy and compact to parents in a language they can understand


    Parental Involvement Policy

    The administration, staff and parents of Orchard Park Academy believe that the improved academic achievement of each student is a responsibility shared by the entire community, including the school district, school, community members, school administration, staff, students and parents (including guardians and all members of a student's family involved in his/her education). We are committed to meeting the needs of all our students. To accomplish this, we must all work together.


    Parent involvement in the school will include opportunities for:

    • Parents to volunteer and be involved in school activities
    • Effective communication between the school and parents
    • Parents to participate in school decision-making
    • Staff development and parent education (including communication about specific staff development)
    • Parents to provide home support for their students' education

    WPS Parent Right to Know letter

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