• Support Services

    Clubs and Organizations: 
    A broad range of clubs and other organizations, sponsored by staff members after school, will be available to all students. Membership requirements in some clubs and organizations will be based on academic achievement, good citizenship, and personal qualities of leadership, services and character.                                                               

    Counseling and Guidance:
    Your counselors are interested in helping you in any way they can. They will listen to your concerns and guide you in making decisions regarding school, classes, home, or relationships involving other students. If you are having a problem with another student, your counselor encourages you to come to her/his office to discuss and seek resolution to the problem. Students must have written permission, signed in advance by the counselor, to be out of class or students need to have signed up for an appointment. The student should complete a “Request to See Counselor” slip and the teacher will deliver it to the counselors’ office.

    Support Groups:
    During each school year, selected students may be invited to participate in support group activities on an as needed basis. These groups are coordinated through the counselors and offered during the school day on a rotating schedule, so participating students do not miss the same class every week. Student must have permission from their parent/guardian to participate in any group, and they are responsible for making up any missed assignments. The object is to empower students to deal with issues in such a way as not to interfere with their ability to be successful in school. Parents are encouraged to contact the school counselors for additional information or to refer a student for possible participation in a group. 

    All medication (a prescription or non-prescription drug) to be taken at school will be kept in the office and administered under the designated guidelines by the office staff. This is for the safety of the student and other students in the school. This policy is Colorado State Law. It applies to prescription medication and all over the counter medications, such as Tylenol, cough syrups, eye-drops, aspirin, ointments, etc.

    1. All medication given at school needs to have a medication request form signed by both parent/guardian and the physician.

    2. Medication will be provided by the parent/guardian in an individual pharmacy labeled bottle for the student or in the original over the counter container.

    3. All medication is to be kept in the office. Students are not allowed to keep medication with them (such as in their lunch box, backpack, or locker).

    4. Exceptions to this policy include inhalers and the medications for serious health conditions needing immediate intervention. Written authorization by a physician is required for students to carry medication on their persons.

    ID Cards:
    All students will be issued an ID card at the beginning of the school year. They will need these IDs to go through the lunch line and to check out books from the library. If a student loses their ID, they need to go to the library, pay the $5.00 replacement fee, and a replacement ID will be made for them.