About Us

  • The School-to-Work Alliance Program (SWAP) is a partnership between the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the Colorado Department of Education and Westminster Public Schools.  We strive to enhance the lives of transitioning youth towards employment.
    SWAP assists young adults age 15-24 who have mild to moderate barriers to employment to become competitively employed and to achieve successful job and community outcomes.
    The goal of SWAP is to place youth in entry-level, career path jobs as they make the transition from school to work and adult life.  SWAP is designed to enhance employability skills, increase employment opportunities and to involve youth in their communities in a meaningful way.

    SWAP Mission

    To assist young adults with the transition into the work place by providing career track employment opportunities

    SWAP Goals

    To provide the Adams County business community with a source of entry-level employees who are "job ready" and to increase employment options for our participants

    Who does SWAP serve?

    ü Youth between the ages of 15-24 and

    ü Who are DVR eligible and

    ü Have mild to moderate needs in employment and

    ü Are ready to work after short-term service provision (approximately one year)


    ü Applicants can be:

    ·        Out-of-school youth

    o   Drop-outs or at risk of dropping out

    o   Under or Unemployed

    o   High School graduates


    ·        In-school youth

    o   Section 504 Plan

    o   Special Education (on an IEP)

    o   Suspected or known disability not under any other category

    Who is NOT appropriate for SWAP? 

    ü Youth with involved employment needs, or in general, difficult to place into a job

    ü Youth with ongoing legal problems that make participation difficult

    ü Youth who need long-term services, or extensive skills training

    ü Youth who need supported employment