• One thing

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 5/14/2020

    What is one thing I am looking forward to when things get better?


    Summer is usually when I get to take a drive, visit my family, see roadside attractions, and explore.  So far no plans this year.  

    I love being home and am enjoying so many things, but I dream of jumping in the car and taking off.  You never kwow what you will see driving crosscountry.  

    Soon, hopefully...

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  • Gratitude

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 5/14/2020

    There are so many things I am grateful for at this moment in time.  Health, family, home, food, a sunny day and laughter, just to name a few.  But if I had to choose by top 3, it would be these:

    1.  My husband and son.  They support me, entertain me, keep me busy and help me process everything that is going on.

    2.  My yard.  It is my refuge.  I can breathe, relax, run, play, plant, dig and create.  It helps me stay calm.

    3.  The Cafateria ladies and other frontline workers.  It is wonderful knowing that these ladies are helping many of you each day.  That they are seeing you, feeding you and hopefully making each day a little easier.  The other frontline workers enable me to do what I am doing.  For that I will be forever grateful.

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  • Emotion

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 5/11/2020

    To take care of myself, I give myself permission to take a moment alone.  I have already talked about walking in the morning, but besides excercise it also gives me time to think, process without interruption.  

    Throughout my day I take other little breaks.  Bake something, cook, plant, dig in the dirt, read or play catch with my dog.  A little moment helps me get back on track.

    There is a lot to take in these days and my mind wonders.  Right now I worry about all my students at home.  How are you?  What are you doing for yourselves?  I worry about what is to come?  What will school look like in the fall?  Will I have in person classes?  Will I be home again?  Will I be able to visit my parents this summer?  What will my sons birthday look like?

    My mind is constantly going, so taking a moment to breathe and know that is ok, is most important right now.

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  • Moving and shaking!

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/28/2020

    I am constantly moving!

    I start every day by taking a walk.  I like to get outside and see the world before everyone is out.  It is peaceful walking through my neighborhood, hearing the birds, looking at the moments, and enjoying the silence.  

    Back at home, I stand alot when I work.  I do not like to sit too much, it makes me tired. 

    I play outside, run after Wyatt and take family walks.  We also dance!  We have more time to listen to music, so dancing happens more and more.

    As you can tell being still is not the easiest for me.

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  • Missing...

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/28/2020


    So strange things are.  A moment like this makes you really think about the day to day things that happen.  Things that you may not realize are important, but mean more than you can imagine.

    I miss your faces, your laughs, your inappropriate comments.  I miss facial expressions.  Being able to tell what is coming next just from a look.  I miss small talk.  Random discussions, interactions with someone unexpected. 

    I miss seeing peoples whole faces.mask    I miss reading their expressions.

    I miss grocery shopping for fun.  I miss just going places and not worrying, will I get sick? Will my family?  

    I miss the ease that life used to have.


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  • New Normal

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/24/2020

    My New Normal:

    5-7am I wake up sometime between these hours.  I no longer use an alarm clock.  I just wake up when by body and mind are ready. First thing I do when I wake up is take my dog Eddie outside.Eddie

    After Eddie and I hang out for a bit, I send my sister a Marco Polo and head out for my morning walk.  The length of my walk depends on the weather, but I try and get one in each day.

    When I step back in the house, I go on work mode.  Make lists for Wyatt and I about what we have to get done.  Check emails, make sure my lesson is set for the day.  Answer text and Chat questions and have some quiet time.  

    8:00- I check to see if Wyatt is awake and get him started on his mornning routine.

    I have an hour to get stuff done, before Wyatt starts school.

    9:00-Wyatt reports to his morning meeting.

    After that our day just takes off.  He has meetings, I have meetiings, we both have work.  We take a lot of recesses to keep us both focused.  My husband is in charge of gym.  Wyatt is learning to ride his bike without training wheels.bike

    When gym is over it is lunch time.  Wyatt takes a break downstairs and I catch up on what I need to do around the house.

    After lunch it is back to work.  Wyatt usually finishes before me.  If so he goes and plays outside, hangs out with dad or builds something new.

    When I finish my work we usually hang out on the porch as a family. Listen to music, dance, run around the back yard, work in the garden, play a game.  It depends on the day and our mood.  At some point I make dinner.  We eat, hang out some more.  

    8:00 pm -Howling time.  We howl every night to honor all the essential workers.  I have many friends who are nurses or doctors, grocery store workers, etc.  I also think of our cafeterial ladies handing out food everyday.  It is one of my favorite things to do.

    Finally Wyatt gets redy for bed and Jason and I hange out, watch some TV, talk, listen to music, whatever we feel like.

    Then it starts again.










      First thing

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  • Normal...

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/15/2020

    A month ago,  here is what a Wednesday would look like for me:

    5:30-wake up and take out the dog

    6-7 Shower, dress, make breakfast/lunches, make sure everyone has what they need in their backpacks.

    7-7:15 hang out with my son and see how he is doing today.

    7:15- leave for work, this is an ideal day, it does not always happen like this

    7:45 make coffee, turn on computer, organize a bit, pour myself a cup of coffee and head up to the morning meeting.

    8-8:30 meeting

    8:30 Get ready for KHF, my day, check in with other teachers.

    9:45- we are off!  Teaching changes for me each day so who knows what I would have been doing, but I am busy from this time until the end of the day!  Could be meeting, teaching, testing, planning, lunch, hall duty, emails, phone calls, all these things can be part of my day.

    4:00- Math counts, or head home.

    4:30ish? depends on traffic and when I actually left the building.

    Play with my son, catch up with my husband, cook dinner,play again, listen to music, dance, get Wyatt ready for bed, Get ready for bed myself, sit for a moment read, watch TV.


    Then go to bed, time changes each day and get ready to start again tomorrow!





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  • Chapter 2-myself

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/13/2020

    Myself?  The question is how am I keeping sane really?  I am taking some time to rediscover things I loved to do and maybe don't find time for always.  

    I walk everyday now.sky  I take pictures on the sky and clouds and that helps me remember that life is generally good.  I am a very optimistic person, so watching the news is very difficult.  I try and stay positive, but when I hear sad stories, or people treating each other poorly, I get frustrated and sad.  I try not to watch news more than once a day.  It is too aggravating.  So I walk to clear my head in the morning.

    I take time to organize my day.  My son is at home doing school, and I am teaching so I need to know what is on the schedule for both of us.  I make a list for him.  I use this to help me make sure he gets done with what he needs.  I also use it to help me figure out when I can work.  My husband is now a gym teacher and we both are recess monitors.  

    I check in more with people.  I worry about how everyone is doing.  I Marco Polo my sisters each morning, I text friends who are nurses to made sure they are still safe, I text fellow teachers/friends about assignments and about how they are dealing with this change.  I call friends and family whenever I feel like it. It helps for me to know how everyone else is doing/coping.

    I try and make something everyday.  I cook all the time!  I write, create projects with my son.  I have started to clean, deep clean. Whatever keeps me busy.  

    Finally, I think a lot about what you guys are doing.  If you are ok.  If you are able to connect with others? If your family is being supported?  You wouldn't believe the scenarios that go through my head.  I use my optimism to help me see the best in each thought.

    Hope you are all well.



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  • The rest of my view: Setting Part 2

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 4/6/2020

    If you walked in my front door, you will see that the living room has been taken over by toys! If you make it past the toys you see the table filled with papers, assignments, pens and other school supplies.  Around the corner you find one of my favorite rooms, the kitchen! I feel most comfortable in this room.  Cooking calms me and helps me feel normal.  My other refuge is my porch!  I am spending a lot of time, sitting and enjoying the sun these past few days.  

    Kitchen fun

    You will often hear music.  It may be my son singing or my husband playing a record. We are dancing often.  There is also computer, phone and IPAD noise.  Videos, games, meetings, facetime and all the other distractions that we can find on these devices.

    Besides my son and husband, you would run into my dog Eddie!  He likes to stay close to my side.  If I am in the room he is never far behind.

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  • Living History

    Posted by Laura Zoromski Schmidt on 3/30/2020

    Good morning Ladies, Gentleman and others.  I wanted to take a moment to describe my new work area.  So much has changed in the last few weeks and like you I am tryng to adjust to my new view.  

    My "Office" area is now shared with my 6 year old son. Half the table is my desk, the rest is his.  I wake up first and try to organize everything so we can both find  our papers and pens through out the day.  I have way to many pens, but I need to still doodle and write in multiple colors to keep myself on task.  The table never looks like this at the end of the day, but it sure looks nice at his moment!

    The new office

    I keep a few things out from my classroom, so I feel a little like I am still there. I brought home my flamingo tape dispensor, a picture of my godfather and son, reminder postits and my flying teacher ornament.  These things make me smile and help me stay calm. My son has all his papers, assignments, a sketchbook, art supplies and his school class picture on his side.

    Just like in my classroom, you can usually smell coffee, it is actually in the kitchen though, next to our new charging station, still just steps away.charging station + coffee

    There are way more distractions in this space.  My son asking quesitons, his computers noise, my phone and computers sending messages, the TV in the other room, a record being played, request for breakfast, lunch and snacks and other noises I never had to think of at school.

    This is just a glimpse of my new class setting.  I am excited to hear about yours! 

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