student listens to a volunteer decorating a Christmas ornament

Parent & School Volunteers

  • Parents and members of the community are encouraged and welcome to participate as volunteers to help meet the needs of students in Westminster Public Schools (WPS). The Board of Education recognizes that parent associations, booster clubs and volunteers are ways in which parents and other community members may strengthen ties with the school and district to help enhance educational progress for all students.

    Benefits of volunteering in a school affect:

    • Students
    • Schools
    • Westminster Community
    • Our Volunteers

    Schools are always looking for help in the classroom, the office and on field trips. If you are interested in volunteering please contact your local school principal to determine what is the best use of your time time and talents.

Volunteer Application

  • If you would like to volunteer in WPS, please fill out the following form and print it out and turn it in to the school you are applying for: